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This project is astonishing and really goes to show why architects are such a fabulous resource! Taking two decrepit and crumbling top floor apartments, the design team here combined them into one spacious apartment, which all circles around a delightful outdoor terrace and offers incredible views of the location. With an open-plan interior design scheme in full effect, every nuance of space in the now conjoined apartments has been maximized and when you see the parquet flooring, vintage furniture and amazing amount of natural light that pours in here, we think you'll fall in love, just like we have. Let's stop talking then and start looking!

A cozy nook.

From a different angle, you can really appreciate this charming nook! With an integrated fireplace, two cozy vintage armchairs and a slew of bookshelves, it's almost like having a personal library.

Wide open space.

This main living area is phenomenal in that it offers easy transitions between a formal dining area, quiet reading corner and the comfortable sofa area. The floor is truly spectacular and emphasizes the amount of room here and is that a gorgeous wall-mounted fireplace?

Somewhere to relax.

When a slouchy night in front of the television is called for, that's when this delightful seating area would be used. Clearly marked out with beautiful rugs and getting the full benefit of a panoramic view, this really is a relaxing spot geared towards family enjoyment.

The view out!

Look to the left of the sofa area and you'll see the roof terrace  that makes this apartment so special. Beautifully tiles and with plenty of space for entertaining, it's such a valuable and handy area! It also leads to the other side of the apartment, where the more private and functional areas are.

Perfectly restful.

Is this the biggest bedroom in the world? No, but with views like that, what more could you possibly need? Parquet flooring, sunken spotlights and lovely crisp white walls have been pulled through from the living area to such lovely effect!

A secondary lounge!

Naturally, when you combine two apartments into one, you will double up on functional areas but we actually think that private and more cozy living room is a great idea here! It allows a busy family to not argue over what's on the television, if nothing else!

Sunny and simple.

You might have expected to see a huge kitchen in pace here, but in actual fact, it is fairly modest! We think that embracing a smaller set-up was a great way to not only claw back some valuable budget, but also focus on the more communal space.  This is still a very pretty room, regardless of size!

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