10 Feng Shui tips to fend off the bad energies from your home

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Our home is the mirror of our life, and if we do not feel good about it, where else will we be happy?

At some point in your life, you must have experienced a troubled phase, a phase in which you feel as if the world were against you. In these worst phases of our existence, we must look for positive energies like changing some habits, leaving toxic people behind, as well as renewing the energies within our house.

Feng Shui is a Chinese ancestral art that aims to provide a home full of good energies. Hence, in out today's article, we want to share with you few of the best tips that can take away the bad energies from your home, and consequently, your life. 

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1. The beauty of incence

A pleasant fragrance makes the environment more welcoming, it also allows enhanced energy levels and creates a soothing ambiance. You can opt for a wide variety of incense sticks that are available in a range of fragrances as well as costs.

2. Let the air circulate

Open-Plan Kitchen/Living Room, Ladbroke Walk, London Cue & Co of London Modern Living Room
Cue & Co of London

Open-Plan Kitchen/Living Room, Ladbroke Walk, London

Cue & Co of London

Every day we must have the habit of opening the windows, pulling the curtains, and opening the blinds. It is important to renew the air. Both sunlight and ventilation are your allies against the bad energies, let the wind flow so that the bad energies can be taken out of your house.

Even if it's cold, you should open the windows at least for ten minutes.

3. Do not accumulate too many objects

A lot of time we buy clothes, shoes, furniture, etc. without any real need but just to feel satisfied. We advise you to not do that, at the end they are just objects and too many of them will block the positive emotions and spirituality in your house. 

Once you discard the unnecessary objects and be surrounded only by the one's which you really need, you will experience a calmer and more positive ambiance.

4. Lighten up

It is important to light up your home and try not to have dark areas. A floor lamp or table lamp can be a simple beginners solution for the problem.

5. Decorate the space with peace lilies

The art of Feng Shui recommends that we put plants and flowers inside our house since they are energy regenerators. 

If you have problems with humidity or infiltration at home, buy a peace lily, this plant will attract positive energy and does not require too much sunlight or maintenance.

6. Keep things clean and tidy

Cleaning is not the most enjoyable of tasks, but it is critical to ward off negative energies. A clean home creates a sense of well-being. Nothing like maintaining a weekly cleaning routine and small habits in your daily life such as arranging shoes, coats, mail, etc.

7. Discarding broken objects

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In:Style Direct

Living room : Neutral tones

In:Style Direct

This one is a no-brainer. Broken objects create a sense of negativity around them as well as carry the risk of hurting someone in case they are made of glass or metal.

8. Decorate with mirrors

Mirrors are great allies in interior designing, but above all they attract positive energies and help clear the mind. If you do not have mirrors at home, you should defnitely bet on them!

9. Take care of the entrance hall

It is at the entrance of the house that we must begin to attract good energies. Put flowers, mirrors, or other beautiful objects, as these will transmit positive feelings when you enter the house.

10. Salt!

If you might not have heard of this one before, it might surprise you. But many experts believe that salt does have the ability to absorb negative energies, especially in the case when you move into a new house or office that you do not feel the most comfortable in.

If you would like to read more about Feng Shui tips, we recommend Feng Shui tips for good luck and happiness

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