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Who hasn’t dreamed of owning their very own castle? Well, how about a miniature one to make your fairytale lifestyle come true? 

Meet Molly’s Lodge, a Grade II listed castle located on a 0.61-acre plot of land near the village of Long Compton in Warwickshire. This charming little castle was originally a gatehouse for the Weston Park Estate on the northern edge of the Cotswolds, and was built by the famous British architect, Edward Blore, in the 1830s. Mr Blore is indeed the same person who restored Lambeth Palace and extended Buckingham Palace for Queen Victoria. 

Sure, it might look quite fascinating on the outside, especially with the picturesque garden surrounding it, but how about the interiors? 

Well, only one way to find out…

Oh, and did we mention that it's currently on the market for the surprisingly reasonable sum of £550,000?  

A fairytale location

As far as “location, location, location” goes, this structure really won the lottery. Flaunting a more-than generous sense of space, the lodge is situated in a mature garden with beautiful formal lawns, herbaceous borders, an ornamental pond, a potager with soft fruits, vegetables and herbs, a vegetable patch and chicken run.

A long, gravel driveway brings you in contact with the connecting roads.

A lush little lifestyle

The idea was for residents of Molly's Lodge to be completely self-sufficient, enjoying themselves in their own little fairytale (or Medieval, depending on personal taste) world, with the lush surroundings transporting them even further away from the real world. 

Can’t you just see yourself enjoying some afternoon tea or a picnic on these garden grounds near the garden pond? Oh yes, it comes with a delightful garden pond as well.

The interiors

It’s not just for show on the outside – inside, it is a fully functioning home complete with one bedroom, a bathroom, living room, decorative spiral staircase and dining room with mullion windows and cast-iron Victorian fireplace.

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A comfortable lifestyle

Say what you will about the beauty of ancient castles, but we’d much rather prefer a comfortable interior than the harsh realities of what real Medieval interiors used to look like. 

Fortunately, as we can see, Molly’s Lodge is all about comfort and style, even going so far as to present a built-in wardrobe, polished wooden floors, a tub chair and some curtains – and that’s just for the bedroom.

Interested in purchasing this little gem? It won’t cost you more than £550,000.

Perfect for visitors

For £550,000 you get more than your own little castle – included right next door is this perfect little wooden structure (called Molly’s Mews) with double garage, an office and a one-bedroom apartment.

Quite ideal for guests who aren’t royal enough to spend the night in your own private castle, agreed?

The living room

Like the castle, the guest house also treats inhabitants to a comfortable lifestyle – and quite the charming inside look, too. 

A plush sofa and rug ensure some softness for the living room (which shares an open layout with the kitchen, seen at the back) while also enhancing the warmer tones of the colour palette. 

And thanks to dormer windows, more than enough natural light gets to filter indoors.

The bedroom

Molly’s Mews also ensures a good night’s sleep in perfect comfort with this country-style bedroom. 

Whoever said that fairytales can’t come true (at a price)? 

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