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3 exquisite homes from the big apple

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Ah, New York. 

The city where any person's dream can become a reality. The city of a million wishes. The city of a million hopes. 

The city of a million dream homes.

Today we're showing you three of these illustrious prizes. 

Because if you're going to catch a shooting star and put it in your pocket; you may as well catch the brightest one out there.

1. Eclectic you say?

There is a hint of everything in this kitchen/dining room set. The Siberian oak floors are vintage, the lacquered cupboards are futuristic while the pillar to wall ratio is simply ostentatious. 

This is the final scene of every post-2000's movie that ever came out in the 80's, and let's be honest, it just works.

We're not mad at that beautiful painting either.

2. Enter trixy.

A flash of red. A hint of purple. A swathe of white.

You'd be forgiven if you imagined The Flash just ran through holding a bouquet of lilacs. No, what you're actually seeing is the post modern home of vibrant enthusiasm. 

With vivid splashes of red adorning soft lavender tones, and a white background, the tones in this picture are absurdly complimentary.

3. Assume the position.

If the witch from Hansel and Gretel were alive today, she'd be in here fawning over the cherry red attire and the chrome finish. (She would probably also enjoy that oven, but let's not read too much into that one)

There is plenty of space for knocking out those complicated recipes, and the horseshoe diminishes the impact on the rest of the home.

4. Loftier than thou.

This is a loft apartment, so we should acknowledge its inherent perks in that regards.

Large ceilings. 

There we go.

5. Have a taste.

Imagination is key to fully appreciating this scenario. It may be a child's room, but envision the use of any decor and interior furniture to maximize this space.

It keeps with the cherry red veneer, while adding a spicy mosaic of pink and white. 

6. Mr Bongo.

This little hallway shows a bit of individuality and class. Aside from the awesome figurines, there is a poster for The diving bell and the butterfly. 

World class.

7. Bump me up a seat.

 Corridor & hallway by Eisner Design
Eisner Design

W 87th St Penthouse

Eisner Design

Welcome to our next home on the list.

The exquisite entrance hall is prefaced with the slat-style curving wall, while a skylight cheekily beams down a bit further in. This just so happens to be a penthouse on the upper West-side of Manhattan, so strap on your big-person pants and get ready to see some luxury.

8. 50's if you please.

modern Kitchen by Eisner Design
Eisner Design

W 87th St Penthouse

Eisner Design

What makes this kitchen great is that it looks like it was styled in the early 50's and given technology from tomorrow. One half expects to see pin-up models on the walls and an advertisement for the latest in hoover technology on the counter. 

But mix that in with that magical light feature, and some rocking tech—the stove, oven, microwave and fridge—and you're looking at the fanciest get-up on the block. 

The coffee counter is magnifique.

9. Where do I sign up?

modern Living room by Eisner Design
Eisner Design

W 87th St Penthouse

Eisner Design

Talk about overkill.

Not only is the set up something out of a fantasy, the entertainment center is… yes… an entire wall. The majestic wooden ensemble hosts that megalithic television, as well as some gutsy decor. You could have anything from books to badgers up there, and it would look fantastic. 

Let's not be remiss in noting the unbelievable view outside. Stunning.

10. Heavenly.

modern Bedroom by Eisner Design
Eisner Design

W 87th St Penthouse

Eisner Design

Plush carpeting, queen bed, balcony with an unimpeded view of the city…

There's no need to go on.

11. Special treat.

modern Bedroom by Eisner Design
Eisner Design

W 87th St Penthouse

Eisner Design

Isn't it just so adorable? It's like a Disney Princess died in here. 

The high bed is genius, saving all the space for more activities by using the bottom for storage. And have you ever met a kid who didn't want something like this? 

No. Because that's all we… .


That's all kids want.

12. Tete-a-tete.

The final home on the list is a regal outdoor beauty stuck out on Long Island.

From this angle you can see the stunning combination of landscaping and home in a real getaway treat. Surrounded by dense foliage, this is one home that is sure to rock your socks off…

Right into relaxation.

13. Grandiose.

The light, the wood, the white.

It harkens us back to the days of the sound and the fury. Situated beneath the slanted roof, this kitchen is idyllic. With an unobstructed view of the expansive garden, the extra room for the high window adds something far from prosaic to the scene.

The blend of natural wooden carpentry and white tones adds an exceptional feel of harmony. The island with built in bar is masterful. This is the kind of kitchen where everyone helps out, and everyone feels welcome.

14. Fire if you please.

Taking us back to the traditional values that made America great the first time around, this living room has its priorities right. The sofa faces the fireplace, while the television is an afterthought.

The open plan is so inviting from this angle.

Picture the whole extended family, talking, cooking, lounging around together. This room is the moneymaker. 

15. Tap tap boom.

This bathroom is to die for.

The mosaic coupled with the large earthy tiles will have you feeling like you stepped into a five-star spa every time you hit the showers. 

The side shelving is also well-thought out—helping you avoid the clanky mirror-cabinets that can be so frustrating. 

The high ceiling also helps one to not feel cramped or rushed in a most private area of the home.

What did you think of these homes? Would you like to add some more? Comment below so that we can hear your voice!
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