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3 absolutely gorgeous homes with a variety of styles

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There isn't much sweeter than a roadside apartment dressed to the nines in the latest fashionable styles; sporting all the grandeur of a country estate and all the haughtiness of middle-aged royalty. 

Except perhaps diabetes in a cup. But that's just an awful idea.

Today we bring you the former, in three separate apartments, which boast a menagerie of styles and comforts. Designed with particular consciousness to space limitations and single-story restrictions—these apartments are, nonetheless, the main attraction at the ball. 

Much like the girl in the glass slipper, they will have you out searching for more.

1. Pillar to post.

modern Houses by ÜberRaum Architects
ÜberRaum Architects

Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge

ÜberRaum Architects

We begin with a look at the classic Roman Tuscan pillar entrance way, as if chivalry were chiseled into the very bedrock of a fashionable exterior. Which it is.

It may front the street, but it retains an aura of archaic nobility. Shall we take a peak inside?

2. Can't be boxed.

What a superb idea. 

With limited room to maneuver, the designer has simply cut out the problem at its root. Instead of crying for ambient light and wasting time with willy-nilly skylight placement; they have instead just boxed the entire dining room into a glass elevator. 

Like a greenhouse, but for mealtimes. 

3. Unwrap me.

What's more is that Schrödinger's dining room opens out to a small back patio that is one hundred percent outdoors. 

Take note of the humble lighting, which avoids diminishing the natural splendor above, and still provides enough light for a late dinner. 

The rounded comfy chairs are a nice break from the straight-backed oak units one would expect. The dark tones of the room also suggest a relaxing atmosphere that can either shine with vibrant energy, or softly flicker with calm repose.

4. One more for the road.

Let's not forget to mention that you can enjoy the serenity of an outdoors meal in any weather, while at the same time escaping that if I spend another second indoors on this rainy day… feeling we've all had.

5. Living room.

Right in off the glass box is the living room. A soft space which dims any overbearing lighting, and is color coded to breathe purity and calm into the owner, this is a picturesque tale of modernity. 

6. Any which way.

modern Kitchen by ÜberRaum Architects
ÜberRaum Architects

Living room and conservatory

ÜberRaum Architects

You can style it however you like.

Go for the full-social scenario, with plenty of squishy chairs and coffee tables.

Or go full power-couple with a nice television set and a long couch for cuddles.

Or go full bachelor and rig up an Xbox, PS4 and projector and whittle away the hours wondering how you can actually afford to live here. 

7. Kitchen monsieur?

Many smaller apartments forgo the luxuries in the kitchen, which can really put an extra straw on the proverbial camel's back. 

Here, not so much. 

It has all the toys, and is tenderly wreathed in a beautiful marble finish which gloriously intertwines with the dark wooden facade.

8. More back here.

The bathroom is done in the same marble finish. 

Just in case you didn't feel enough like a Roman hero of the Coliseum

9. Take one, scene one.

modern Bedroom by ÜberRaum Architects
ÜberRaum Architects

Bedroom with bespoke joinery

ÜberRaum Architects

Meet one of the very inviting bedrooms. 

This one has the on-suite and the fireplace, so we're calling dibs. But before we kick you out, take a look at the magnificent crown molding.

Jaws. Dropped.

10. Take one, scene two.

modern Bedroom by ÜberRaum Architects
ÜberRaum Architects

Bedroom with bespoke joinery

ÜberRaum Architects

Oh, and did we mention the view?

Dropped. Further.

11. Orange is the new black.

Take a look at this kaleidoscopic little treat!

Going mainly for fiery colors, this smaller abode really does turn up the heat. The bright textures are thoughtfully interspersed with light and dark tones to offset any nausea or vertigo. 

12. A peach for a plum.

The space is used admirably here, with a perfunctory three room plan, fit into one. 

To our left we see the living room area, nicely sauteed with a coffee table and an L-shaped sofa. Settle in and watch your favorite show, or host the neighbors for some casual banter and a round of charades. 

To our immediate right we see the formal fining area, fit for any dinner party. Of four or less.

Finally, to the top right, we see the kitchen. In all its flammable glory. 

13. Orange county.

The horseshoe design is really clever here, distinguishing this room from the other two with aplomb. There is an insubordinate amount of space to prepare meals, and the wooden counter is far more unique than you would expect. 

This is the perfect place for a single to throw back a few meals before finding that special someone.

Or for someone who likes to live alone. Don't feel pressured. Live your own way! 

Just keep the cats outside. 

14. Sneak peek.

Take a quick look into this bathroom for a better feel of the place. Still going with the color scheme, there is nevertheless something bright and energetic about this room.

Oh. Yes. The bright and energetic colors.

Hey, anything to wake you up in the morning, ammiright?

15. Designer emporium.

For the final piece in this showcase, we felt it was necessary to give you a look at the design of the home.

Visualize it. Materialize it. See it there in your mind's eye. Breathe in the plan. Be the plan. You are the plan.

Now step inside. 16.

16. Welcome to Abstergo.

It's a bit like the luxury room in the hotel you always saw in the movies but could never afford to rent.

With an immaculate polished look, where everything fits so scrumptiously into place, it's hardly any wonder. This room, and by extension, home, goes for a refined futuristic look.

And achieves it.

17. Round the outside

The living room is perfectly elitist. Going for light or dark tones, this really is a one-or-the-other home. Its style is contemporary meets future, with the family sofa, singles coffee table and spaceship walls (which are in fact storage units—AKA drawers and cupboards) 

18. Tempt me.

But wait, what's this? A vintage face brick back wall behind the stove top? 

Oh no you didn't…

Another exceptional example of using space to your advantage, this kitchen has all the bells and whistles, while maintaining a perfectly humble exterior. It's not going to please Gordon, but it'll do while you wait for that Christmas bonus to come through.

19. Lo and behold.

Well, you may have to forgive our earlier snide comment about the elitist living room. It seems the designer was a touch more elegant than that.

The face brick acknowledgement throughout the home is simply mercurial. 

Throw in a small dining table and a dusky light and we're sold.

20. Bedroom-a-matic.

Now that we're into the swing of things, can we just say how lovely this bedroom looks. The lighting, coupled with the swanky decor and rustic brick back wall really adds a touch of the bourgeois to this suave home. 

21. Bonzai.

The bathroom sink is just so cool.

It's like a slide. But for water.

22. Clean living.

Did you ever want to be in a production of Rent?

Sing every morning in this beauty and you will be.

Did you like any of these designs? Is there anything you want to add or comment on? Please let us know below!
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