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A before and after with floor plans!

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The home featuring in today’s homify tour is a marvel of architectural design, a remodeling project accomplished by Rome based architects from the Rome based NOS DESIGN. Suffering from a worn out finish, partially damaged cabinets, windows & doors, & some unusable elements, this Rome house was given a new lease of life by the architect team. The non-optimal spatial distribution- a large but barely usable entrance, badly distributed service area, very small kitchen, practically inaccessible small sized pantry and a single bathroom for the rest of the house- all these were taken care of in an appealing manner. What has been preserved and improvised upon is the beautiful lighting that floods the interior spaces. The warm color palette has been so employed to enhance the diffusion of light and make the interior spaces radiate luminous elegance.  

Hop onto the homify wagon, as we take a walk around this alluring & smartly revamped “Light House”. Here we go!

Freshening up in style.

The previous design.

In the earlier format you can clearly see that though the interiors were bathed in light, the floor plan was not convenient and the living areas were not optimally spaced.

Reworked for convenient living.

In the new plan designed during the makeover, different living spaces have been optimally distributed and well defined so that the interiors are snug, comfy and desirable.

Living in welcome brightness.

The classic ageless quality oozed by this living room space is adorned with the winsomeness of wood & white and ample illumination. With natural & artificial lighting supplementing the radiant tones of the colors used, the revamped living room is a finessed playground for bright accents.

Stylishly wholesome.

Well equipped with modular appliances and plenty of storage, this modern kitchen sings evergreen tones of chic functionality.

Radiant passage.

The bright corridor is further illuminated by the smart employment of mirrors- the ample luminosity gets enhanced manifolds by the light reflected from the mirror surface, to light up the entire corridor brilliantly. This is an improvisation upon the earlier version that was well lit but did not have the mirror feature.

Comfortable sanctum loaded with practicality.

With an entire wall converted into storage and lots of sunshine pouring in, this classic bedroom is a welcome retreat full of warmth, restfulness & functional grace.

The only bathroom was given a thorough & contemporary makeover, and 2 new bathrooms were created- one fitted with a jazzy shower cabinet and the other one with a roomy bathtub. A light palette & bright lighting have been employed for the bathrooms, in tune with the rest of the dwelling.

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