12 great ideas for decorating your garden

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There's hardly anyone who would not like to experience nature on a daily basis. However, our busy schedules, rising costs, and an urban lifestyle have been few of the many reasons why we do not have adequate greenery around us.

Problems aside, we can always strive towards a better lifestyle. Hence, in our today's article, we have collected for you the latest ideas in landscape design that would be suitable for both, temperate as well as cold climates. Our experts from Landscape Studio Land Project, Moscow have shared with us interesting ideas that can be adapted to various contexts.

Do you want to give it a try? Read on…

Summer kitchen: brick and wood

This lovely summer kitchen is fabricated primarily from wood and exposed brick. The simple one-sided sloped roof in combination with the peripheral stub walls and wooden columns provides its users with a nice shaded space to enjoy summer afternoons.

Wooden terrace

Developed with a combination of neatly arranged wooden boards, this simple wooden terrace provides a perfect setting for picnics or play area for small children. We loved how the boards are arranged in an organic fashion around the tree trunk to give the space a nice artistic feel. 

Combination of different textures

This setting is the perfect combination of varying textures that you can develop in your backyard between the house and the main lawn. The addition of varying textures adds a nice dynamism to the entire space. Further, you can also experiment by introducing a light bollard that will enhance the overall character of the space as well as create a beautiful ambiance.

Traditional pavers

Although an age-old technique, stone paver blocks haven't lost their charm or effectiveness. A beautifully manicured lawn or a string of planters along the pathway can further enhance the overall appeal of stone paver blocks.

A place to relax

Sometimes, just a simple coffee table and a couple of chairs can do the trick. Placed in a nice paved location, this rustic setting is perfect for a refreshing cup of coffee or for reading your favorite book.

Wood and stone

Taking inspiration from the Japanese zen gardens, the architects of this space have introduced a combination of sleek wooden boards and a trail of white river pebbles to accentuate the overall appeal of the setting. You can also experiment with rocks from different sources or sizes to change the look of your backyard.

Brick pavers

Rather than opting for traditional stone pavers, you can also opt for brick pavers which can look equally stunning. Particularly in the case of houses that are constructed in exposed brick or with those having a stone facade, brick pavers can add a whole new charm to the visual experience.

For the corner

If you do not wish to invest a lot of money or time in enhancing the look of your garden, you can always experiment with a simple stepped stone arrangement as seen and adorn it with your favorite shrubs.

Outdoors but protected

One of the best pleasures of life is to bask in the sunlight but be protected from the harsh sunrays. A combination of comfortable wooden sofas covered with simple white fabric allows you exactly the setting that you would desire for reading a book on a lazy sunday afternoon.

Outdoor seating

You can also experiment with a nice stepped arrangement around a circular column. This way you can develop not only a functional space but also one that enhances the visual appeal of the existing structure.

An attached terrace

Instead of spending on expensive landscape furniture, you can simply opt for a nice wooden terrace and place a few chairs with large umbrellas to protect you while you enjoy your Sunday brunch. You can further enhance the setting by positioning potted plants or scupltres around the seating space.

Back to the roots

This is one of the simplest and most effective techniques of improving your backyard. Simply create a nice combination of rough cut stones and allow the lawn to grow around it. 

Perfect to walk bare feet as part of your daily early morning exercise routine!

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