modern Houses by E2 Architecture + Interiors

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Cutting into the lead of modern home technology and branching into sustainability and eco-homes, E2 Architecture + Interiors is definitely becoming a leader in their field. 

Here we have a fantastic treat for you, collating 5 of their unmissable projects into one list, for you to have a look at their verve and zest. 

From a concept cottage in snowy peaks, to a textbook English farm house, strap yourselves in for some unbelievably beautiful designs.

1. Snowday cottage

modern Houses by E2 Architecture + Interiors
E2 Architecture + Interiors


E2 Architecture + Interiors

The idea behind this cottage is ludicrously simple. Nestled at the foot of any slope, or amidst one, the plan here is to provide all the warmth and comfort of something suburban, while giving you all of the thrill and adventure of the outdoors. 

Hit the powder before the sun is even up, or long after it is down with the outstanding location of this concept, situated in Kezmarok, Slovakia.

2. Swanky

modern Houses by E2 Architecture + Interiors
E2 Architecture + Interiors


E2 Architecture + Interiors

The design is exuberant, with the home itself on the second story to provide the owner with an unadulterated view of the serene environment.

Below is the deck which surrounds the structure to make it feel like a mini-resort nestled in the rugged terrain.

3. Sub-zero

modern Houses by E2 Architecture + Interiors
E2 Architecture + Interiors


E2 Architecture + Interiors

Much like the control tower of an aircraft carrier, the cottage is designed to offer the best in spectacular viewing, with a minimalist aura that will make any vacation an absolute pleasure.

4. Eco-friendly

What about this lush gem hidden away in the verdant growth?

This home is one of the eco-friendly items, and is like a personal slice of nature in the middle of Wales. You can see the solar panels upon the roof, maximizing the green-loving appeal.

The L-shape has a few tricks up its sleeve, but the classic single story is in line with the ideology of the home.

5. From the front

Even from here you can spot the vibrant growth that the home has to offer, with a subtle wooden gate and dressed stone wall.

6. Come on in

The entrance to this abode is fundamentally modern, which permeates throughout the rest of the home. Pristine, white-washed and open-plan, this is the about as inviting as it gets folks.

7. From the side

7. Water feature

This adorable water feature had to be included, just to show off a bit of tranquility.

8. The bedroom

With an exquisite view of the foliage beyond, the bedroom is also stylishly bedecked in a white-on-purple ensemble that then reaches into the bathroom for a touch of the vivid amidst the serene.

9. The tub

About as post-modern as a skinny-jean-wearing-man-bun-sporting teen, the tub coaxes one into a state of calm repose, and still grants the bather an unrequited view

10. Powder worries

There are none with this display, a magnificent symmetrical station that proves once more that the color scheme is truly inspired.

11. What's cooking?

The post-modern color scheme continues here, with vivid red and yellow offsetting the white and grey.

The sleek flat stove top suffers no distractions, and the entire room has a second secret.

The large yellow shelving and sink are actually able to be hidden behind white doors which extend from the sides. 

Perfect to complete that glossy veneer.

12. Living room luxury

The extension on the ceiling height is pivotal to making this room feel much larger than the given floor space. It's exceptional skylights offer a plethora of natural ambiance which sell the space convincingly. 

13. Betwixt the two

This stunning picture shows the superb collaboration between interior and exterior.

14. Stairway supreme

15. Hallway classic

This unexpected twist in the home offers something more earthy and convincing, something to latch on to. The interspersed pictures, combined with the bookshelf, wooden floors and narrow skylight, make this an entrance hall you will always look forward to.

16. Top floor machiato

Another one of this professionals designs is this penthouse apartment. The monochrome black exterior suits the neighborhood, and the balcony is a most coveted prize in a region where space is limited.

17. Full exterior

18. Rustic

The interior goes for a decidedly simplistic feel, with lots of floor space and a wood-meets-brick topography. Don't be fooled though, the kitchen is still a wondrous hallmark of top-notch appliances and clean white walls.

19. Back it up

modern Living room by E2 Architecture + Interiors
E2 Architecture + Interiors


E2 Architecture + Interiors

From here you can see the studio's appeal; with an unrequited view of the surrounds, and the poignant feel of a bachelor busker.

Who just got signed by a major record label. 

20. Master bedroom

Master indeed. Just off the main room, this hidden treat will make you feel like Cinderella inside the pumpkin.

Bright, regal, comfortable. Just say when.

21. Dr. Who?

Step into this lively space, secreted away behind a plain brick exterior. Although, let's be honest, there is something about the entrance that made you stop and think for a moment. 

Who lives there? Who, indeed.

22. All you need

Tucked into this small suburban space is a one-room hit show, making the most of its limited space.

Meet the kitchen, living room and dining room.

23. K-L-D

The color scheme works wonders here, with the kitchen giving off a very sturdy, polished marble look and the walls and roof looking like the inside of a child's dollhouse. 

The faux garden-furniture dining room is quaint, and appealing to those flying solo or living on a budget. Why have table for six when there's only one?

Even better; shift from kitchen to sofa with ease.

24. Through the looking glass

With a brief intermission into a small urban garden feature, the bedroom then takes flight a few steps away from the main room. 

Don't bash the garden feature though; in some places even the sight of the sun is forlorn hope. Here, its a guarantee.

25. Beddie byes

The master bedroom is simple, elegant and exactly the kind of subtle the owner of this home needs. 

With the large glass doors and the abundance of natural light, it will feel like living somewhere thrice the size for a quarter of the price.

26. Welcome to Birchencliffe

27. Antique Mystique

This amazing classic farmhouse is exemplary in its serenity. Wide, open exterior spaces, mixed with modern interior features; this is an all-round bombshell.

Just look at the vintage exterior, so warm, so inviting, so… medieval. 

The semi-wild growth adds such a natural creeping ivy look that its hard not to throw on a pair of gumboots and wade out into the mire.

28. Beaming

Crossbeams: 1800's

Lighting: 2100's

Verdict: Nailed it.

29. Farmhouse you say?

The interior is mind-boggling. From vintage highland farmhouse to textbook modern playroom, this home has the goods.

And delivers.

The glass railing is a superb addition, giving that teensy bit of Dubai hotel needed. Merging with the wooden beams, futurama lighting and all-round eclectic furniture… well…

Tick. Tick. Tick.

31. More courtyard

32. Apartment in B minor

Not everyone is looking for the next Beverly Hills mansion. If you're looking for something neat and tidy, well-groomed but subtle, muscle-bound but lean, intelligent but not obnoxious—then welcome home.

33. Standing on the rooftops

This stunning rooftop patio is one of the joys of modern apartment living. If you can rustle up one of these bad boys, you;re in for an absolute pleasure every day and night. An amiable space to relax, enjoy the outdoors, maybe cook, have a barbecue, do a little dance… Make a little…

Pure gold.

34. Mar-Terrace Wallace

Sneaking into this picture is a better view of the skylight which provides generous light into the room below.

Also, notice the incredible amount of greenery placed around. You could start a veritable pumpkin patch!

35. Off to see the wizard

Step inside and enjoy this fairy tale living space. Bedecked in comforting tones, with tasteful decor, this looks to be a perfect place to set up camp.

Enjoy living the dream.

Are there any particular features you enjoyed here? Get in touch with us and let us know!
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