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Hello and welcome back to the official Top 5 Ideabooks weekly series. Just like every week, this Sunday, we dare to bring you the top 5- most popular and most read ideabooks of homify. Today's popular ideabook list contains Modular kitchen tops, pooja room ideas, cabinets for your Indian home, Bedroom lighting and Vastu Shastra principals. So, before discussing anything else, let us jump to the details of these ideabooks and links to reach these guides.

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Modular Kitchen tips for your home

Modular kitchens are quite popular in Indian housing market, owing to the fact that they make up the best use of every inch of the area. They are practical, easy to set up, functional and space saving and this is what has made them a preference over the traditional kitchen designs. 

However, there are certain thumb rules of setting up your modular kitchen. What are these conventions? Click this link to know about them.

Ideas for Pooja rooms

Whether it's about starting a new day or a new business plan, Indian families are used to reaching out to the Pooja rooms to get the blessings. Thus, any house is incomplete without these spiritual centers. Certain things must be kept in mind when setting up a Pooja rooms. These details often remain unknown and unnoticed until you notice them.

What are these pointers and how they are going to impact the look of your kitchen- Know all these things with our Pooja room edition 1 ideabook.

Cabinets to save space

In order to be able to live beautifully and comfortably, it takes place and order.  We often have too little of this, so we need a lot of space and organization. With the saving of space we achieve a feeling of comfort, which leads us to have different benefits such as enjoying a place with a lighter and cozy, where you can enjoy a more orderly house. That's why we write for you, this list of cabinets of innovative designs that will give you a broader vision to complement and save the spaces of your home in an intelligent and comfortable way.

bedroom Lighting ideas

The lighting in a bedroom can be complicated because we need, first, to give us good light in the morning to start the day, and second, to give us a good light to relax at night. It is for these reasons that the best thing for a perfect lighting in your bedroom is to put several types of lamps and thus to play with several types of light. This ideabook will bring you these ideas to decorate your bedroom with apt lighting.

Vastu Shastra principles for building house

The philosophy of Feng Shui is well known in the field of interior decoration, however, there is a millenary Hindu philosophy that also seeks the harmony of the home. The Vastu Shastra focuses on the construction and architectural design of the houses.

With this ideabook, you can explore different principles to follow before building your house. Follow them and harmonize the energy as well as prosperity. 

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