A home that went from ARGH to OOOH!

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We've seen some amazing home transformations in our time, but this one is right up there with the best! Far from just being a room here or a wall there, this was a totally restoration of a property, all lead by a phenomenally talented interior designer and the results are simply breathtaking. You won't believe the gorgeousness of the flooring, the modern bathroom or the pared back kitchen of this home, so if you have been looking for home transformation inspiration, be sure to bookmark this article so that you can keep on coming back!

Before: kitchen hell.

Dirty and super uninspiring, we understand that this is a picture of a house in turmoil, but you really wouldn't want to live here, would you? What a building site!

During: getting there!

Ahh, so there was light at the end of the tunnel! With a U-shaped design in place, there will be plenty of usable worktop and the gloss white cabinets help to reflect light around and make the space seem bigger.

After: pared back perfection.

Simple perfection! Unfussy and with more than enough storage, this kitchen is set to be a minimalist masterpiece that is perfect for preparing any and all meals in! What a change!

Before: sad and tired.

Before the walls were painted with a pretty pale gray hue, we think this room must have looked really plain and uninteresting. What you can see from this picture is how conscientious the decorating team were in terms of protecting the floor as they painted and you'll see why in just one second!

After: a new lease on life!

The gray of the walls and the white trim here is so classy and elegant. It really matches the newly completed understated kitchen too, with a timeless and sophisticated look. Just look at the stunning five-finger parquet floor in place here! What an amazing bonus feature! We hope that it wasn't covered up with carpet!

After: that floor though!

Refinished and polished, this parquet floor is SUCH a selling point for this apartment! The rest of a room can be wonderfully understated when there is a striking feature like this one in place!

Before: bathroom nightmare!

Now this must have been a scary sight to see! With absolutely nothing in place to offer any bathroom functionality, this room does have one thing going for it; it looks to be a decent size! Are those double shower fixtures going in as well? Oooh!

During: progressing well.

As progress was made, this room really started to come together! That is one hell of a generous shower enclosure that is being created and we can't wait to see what the finished color scheme and style is going to look like, as we really can't tell yet. 

After: absolutely heavenly!

Monochrome done right! This bathroom is such a modern and fresh space and we love the extra luxurious detailing of twin showers, mosaic tile flooring and dual sinks! Talk about a super way to cut those morning bathroom queues in half! Even the tub looks big enough for two. Let's take a look at a few alternative angles of this charming space!

The window placement here is great, as it will really help with moisture venting!

Isn't the simplicity of this bathroom the real genius of it? Outstanding!

An amazing renovation, we think you'll agree, but for more fantastic transformation inspiration, take a look at this article: Before and after: 3 projects that will give you hope!

Did this re-energize you to take your home restoration up a notch?

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