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10 rooftop terraces to blow your mind

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Having an outdoor space which you can enjoy is a great privilege, and we are constantly looking to find new ways in which we can integrate indoor and outdoor living to reap the benefits of both worlds. There are many comforts of the modern world and comforts of architecture. However, few things can provide the serenity and calmness of nature. 

One of the best ways to enjoy your outdoor spaces the most is by means of the trusted terrace. This is a space you can easily design and decorate to act as extension of your home, whilst offering you to option to enjoy the benefits of nature. Even better, is having a terrace on your rooftop, offering you views of your surroundings. 

Today, we have put together a list of some amazing rooftop terraces to inspire you. Join in with the fun!

1. Modernist.

This modernist design is the perfect look for a contemporary home. 

2. For a family feast.

This gorgeous rooftop terrace overlooking the river is perfect for family brunches.

3. Luxury.

Although in the outdoors, there is no reason why your terrace can't be a luxurious space.

4. Cool gray.

There are few things as stylish as a coordinated color scheme, and gray speaks volumes of elegance. 

5. Greenery.

Another aspect of this stunning grey terrace can be seen in this next image, and that is the beautiful vertical garden, or living wall on the side. Regardless of concrete surroundings, there should be no excuse for not having a touch of green on your terrace. 

6. Ultramodern.

Who could resist spending time in this ultramodern terrace?!

7. Wooden model.

A wooden deck is traditionally associated with a terrace space, and we can see why it is so popular, even in the rooftop versions. 

8. Modern pergola.

This modern twist on the pergola is perfect for a contemporary rooftop terrace. 

9. A view with privacy.

It's great to have a view of the land from your rooftop terrace, but if you still want some privacy, you can make use hedges and shrubs for some degree of discretion. 

10. Elevation.

When you do have the hedges though, and you want a peak at the scenery every now and then, you can easily install a platform to appreciate the view ever so often. 

These terraces will surely provide you with plenty of incomparable views. Now take a look at the views from this house!

Which of these terrace options did you like the most?
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