From a chic home that cost just $60k (with floor plan) to 9 fatal mistakes that make your home look ugly

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And here we are again, another week has passed and we are giving you a chance to read our most popular articles. This is  your chance to re-read your favorite articles and/or find new ones. We begin our countdown with A chic home that cost just $60k (with floor plan), people went berserk for this home… We move on to Older than 30? Get rid of these things right now! And then we pit stop on article #3, 25 wooden pergolas that will encourage you to put one in your garden… Pit stop over, #4 we give you The best bungalow for your backyard for you to get some inspirational decor ideas. And finally we give you the cherry on top, an article that was very controversial between our readers, 9 fatal mistakes that make your home look ugly.

Shall we?

1.) A chic home that cost just $60k (with floor plan).

Before we begin to show you this beautiful home, we want to make it clear that the cost of the project is very much affected by where this home was built, as, clearly, you wouldn't be able to replicate this for the same money, in Manhattan! We still think that it is inspiring though and you will be seriously impressed by how much was considered and included for just $60k! 

The architects that created this wonderful family home had a clear vision as to what a family home should include and offer and with that taken care of, aesthetics were obviously the next concern, as we don't think you can say that this looks like a budget build! With chic white styling, gorgeous detailing and a terrifically sociable rear terrace in place, we think this home looks a million dollars, even if it didn't cost anywhere near that. Take a look here

2.) ​Older than 30? Get rid of these things right now!

We understand the pain of being an adult, of being responsible for your own decisions and no longer being able to blame your parents for life’s unfairness – it’s not like anybody asked you if you wanted to get older, right?

But cheer up, as it’s not that bad – at least you are now in charge of quite a few fun things, like what’s for dinner (no judgment if you opt for cereal and wine) and how your home looks. Yes, even though turning into an adult doesn’t guarantee that you can pick and choose your house, you are still, to some extent, in charge of how it looks. Which brings us to a very important step if you want to consider yourself a responsible, mature and style-conscious adult (or are older than 30 years of age) – things to throw out! Click here to see what they are…

3.) 25 wooden pergolas that will encourage you to put one in your garden.

Imagine spending your evenings in the company of a glorious sunset, a cup of freshly brewed tea, a beautiful view and a good friend. Sounds like paradise, doesn't it? Having a garden, no matter how big or small, allows us to create a little piece of heaven right outside out home. It's a place to take it easy and enjoy life. It's a place that deserves your attention, because you deserve somewhere special to call your own.

So how do you turn your backyard into a veritable garden of Eden? The answer is simpler than you might think! You just need the right furniture, beautiful tropical plants…  and a pergola! We're not kidding—a well-designed covered space creates an outdoor living room in your garden, a place to decorate and design as you wish. Here are 25 of our favorites to inspire you. You'll be amazed by how incredible your garden could look… click here to find out. 

4.) The best bungalow for your backyard.

Whether you have teenagers who are wanting more privacy, elderly family members who insist on staying independent, or if you yourself are looking for a smaller residence while extensive renovations are made to your house, a garden cabin, sleep out or bungalow could be your answer. 

This one we are featuring today, is built by home builders BLANKSTONE based in London. It is completely self contained with it's own kitchenette and bathroom, and surrounded by a wooden deck. Constructed from warm timber and finished with dark gray steel roofing and gutters, it looks idyllic sitting at the back of the garden space. Not only does this home look adorable, it's also economic and low maintenance, making it one of the best bungalows out there.

Click here for full article.

5.) 9 fatal mistakes that make your home look ugly.

When trying to create a stunning home that has a great look and a wonderful feel, there are a number of pitfalls that you need to avoid. Interior designers are experts at sidestepping these really unfortunate mistakes, but us amateur decorators need all the help we can get, which is why we're going to tell you about the most common errors that you should be actively trying to avoid! By the end of this article, you won't be at risk of ruining otherwise beautiful motifs and genius ideas by making silly, avoidable mistakes, so click here to get started.

Did your favorite article make it to our top 5? 

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