5 Tips to organize a small bathroom

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When a bathroom lacks space then its layout has to be planned to ensure that only multipurpose tools and gadgets are fitted in the region. While in-wall cabinets and open shelf create storage space, hooks on walls and door hooks provide places to hang clothes and shelves to keep essentials within easy reach.

In this ideabook we have given few interesting tips to organize small bathroom in a smart way.

1. Use Neutral Colors

No bathroom decorator can deny the utility of neutral colors in improving the visual depth and size of a room. Here a combination of ceramic printed tiles have been used with pastel and neutral tones to give the impression of a wider bathroom as glass wall between shower area and other sections of the bathroom give the impression of visual length.

2. Shower in the niche

For better utilization of space a shower cubicle is a smarter choice than a bathtub that usually takes up sizeable amount of floor space. Placing it at the corner of the tiny bathroom with just a swinging glass door ensures that water does not spill across the region.

3. Visual impact of a large mirror

By adding accessories such as large sized mirrors that take up a significant section of the bathroom wall the region looks more spacious. A simple open and shut door created with the mirror and a shelf behind it for storing toiletries within the wall can save space.

4. Simple floating shelves

Need extra storage for toiletries used in the shower? Set up stylish floating shelves on the wall within the shower region or close to it like here that complement the bathroom walls.  When you choose colors that match the color of the walls it brings glamor into even minimalist bathrooms.

5. Snug and rectangular

If you are determined to have a bathtub then first get the bathroom size clearly estimated by a professional to decide the size and location of the tub. Here the bathtub has been mounted on a short pedestal to ensure easy drainage of water and give visual space to the region. Other additions like elongated mirror and wide windows make the bathroom feel large and spacious. 

For inspiration here are some more Small bathrooms you must see before renovating your small one that may be useful.

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