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With the rising demand for small budget houses, prefab homes are finding an increasing number of takers. Based on the concept of buying & assembling different constituent units, a prefabricated or “prefab” house is a great way to cut down on costs & time without compromising on quality. 

Buying a prefabricated house is similar to buying different pieces of furniture; it is developed in a different location, and once you are done selecting what you want, the finished pieces will be sent to your location, ready to be put together to create your snug home. This smart concept allows the architect houses & home builders to build a house in record time.

These economical housing solutions can be customized conveniently, to offer all the interior as well as exterior spaces like living room, bedroom, dining space, kitchen, terrace, porch, etc. As per your taste, the prefab home can be done up in any style—rustic or modern, tropical or classic. You could also add your own personal touches to the outdoor spaces by throwing in furniture like recliners, chairs, bench, etc., and your choice of decor for the interiors.

Custom-made to suit your taste & made from a variety of materials, these prefab homes are cozy, spacious & tasteful. Today homify brings you 13 wonderful examples of such low-cost prefab housing, that will inspire you to get one for yourself. Have a look!

1. Made of pinewood…

… and insulated with plasterboard sheets, this 250 square feet home in the lap of nature blends perfectly into the scenic backdrop. Look at that wonderful window letting in oodles of sunny warmth!

2. Minimalist, metallic & white in color,

…  these prefab beach homes are fitted with reflector glasses for windows and offer soothing ocean views & fresh air.

3. Snug homey accents,

… metallic body & black color- these winsome prefab homes offer a temptingly serene retreat.

4. This 162 ft² blue metal container home oozes eclectic poise.

Did you see that superb entrance?

5. These brown hued metallic minimalist homes…

…  in the picturesque mountainous setting paint a welcoming picture of tranquil comfort.

6. Gray tones…

… of this 40 feet long & 8 feet wide shipping container home look impressive; the lavish outdoor spaces beckon!

7. This 400 square feet…

…  classic cottage style home boasts of an endearing traditional facade. Mostly made of wood & painted in a dark blue shade which shines when sunlight falls on it, this prefab home is a visual delight.

8. Contemporary finishes…

… and earthy look of this wooden prefab house convey uncomplicated finesse with minimalist precision.  Goodness of the surrounding landscape adds to the homey feel of the graceful facade.

9. Bigger than usual,

…  this stylish modern prefab home is composed mainly of wood and glass. Smart usage of large windows maximizes the daylight.

10. By employing wood installations,

…  this shipping container prefab has been imparted a more refined appearance. Integration of the outside & inside is truly fetching!

11. This 750 square feet home…

… is quite elegant with ivory hued panels that are broken with black-framed windows and dapper stone wall feature. Ingenious, no?

12. The unassuming grace…

Casa modular com 2 quartos e jardim interior, KITUR KITUR Minimalist house

…  adorning the simplistic facade of this minimalist prefabricated house conceals chic & contemporary interiors. That said,  the monochrome & woody details are no less engaging.

13. This modern prefab…

…  boasts of a magnificent entrance way; look at that fantastic patio! Large windows connect the interiors with the landscape, ensuring palliative vistas as well.

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