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A bizarre name yes, but this house has some phenomenal features too!

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Fitty Wun Modern Study Room and Home Office by Feldman Architecture Modern
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Fitty Wun might not instantly sound like a standard name for a residential property, but this is not an ordinary house either… it's extraordinary! Given a brief to create a playful, sometimes irreverent space that perfectly reflects the personalities of the owners, the architects in charge of this amazing project clearly had a lot of fun and were given some serious creative freedom. Honestly, the levels of creativity here are simply staggering and yet, nothing ever feels too serious or unsuitable for a family. This is innovative design that always remains a family home first and an artistic home of the future second. 

The interior is centered around large open spaces that feel welcoming and sociable, but the facade is really interesting. A personal take on a traditional townhouse, it manages to ingratiate itself into the neighborhood, despite all the special touches that lie in wait, inside. How about we take a look around and really appreciate all the details, in picture form?

Softer spaces.

If any room is going to be a little softer and more 'traditional', it's the living room, as that's where the family convenes for together time. What we adore about this particular room here, is that a more traditional style has been embraced, but never at the detriment to the tastes and sense of fun of the owners. Vintage Danish chairs, floating sideboards and luxurious rugs are just a few of the fabulous touches we like, not to mention the sliding doors, out into the garden.

From the outside.

You can see now that we weren't joking about the modern take on a traditional townhouse! Yes, there are undeniably contemporary motifs that MIGHT give you a hint as to what you can find inside, but by sticking to a simple shape and unfussy facade, there is no issue when it comes to looking as though it belongs.

From the back!

If you liked the front, prepare to fall head over heels in love with the rear view of this spectacular home! Offering beautiful views of the city, the extensive glazing also allows us to get a look at how open-plan and free-flowing this home seems to be. Just look at those rooftop boxes too! What are they?

Fun for the kids.

The real joy about this home is that it's fun for the kids now, but it will still be a wonderful place to live in ten years time. Take this kitchen as an example. With a swing, funky art and all that terrific ceiling height to enjoy, how could any child, or adult for that matter, get bored here?

Somewhere for the grown ups.

If you're going to put a swing in your kitchen for the kids, you can get away with creating an adults-only spot in your home too! This rich dark wood study, complete with yet more amazing Danish furniture and hidden storage that is bordering on genius, is a haven of peace and tranquility for parents. We imagine them coming in here, popping on some music and just enjoying a little relaxation, while the little ones are at school.

Dining in style.

Bright, fresh and sunny, this dining room is everything you want, in terms of comfortable and engaging design. A pop of color, in the form of the chairs, looks fun and despite the simple decor here, we think you can get a real sense of the cohesive family space that has been created. Meal times here must be so delightful.

Calm in the chaos.

Every family home is a little chaotic, so what a treat this bedroom must be for the parents. A minimalist slice of relaxation, little Hygge touches, such as the fluffy rug and warm comforter add in snugly motifs but retain the pared back look.

An extra surprise.

With views like this, there must have been no compromising when it came to creating a fabulous roof terrace! A wild garden installation looks wonderful and really adds in some natural charm and glass safety rails make for an uninterrupted appreciation of the vista. 

Can you imagine how wonderful it must be to grow up here? We're up for adoption, if that's an option, as we certainly wouldn't be upset at the prospect of living here!

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