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If you have ever wondered what it's like to live above the clouds, then this is the home you need to see. Consisting of two large rectangular structures, it has multiple levels and interconnecting spaces. For example, the core of the home is a wide staircase that is surrounded by a wooden walkway on one level, and has a dramatic light feature hanging from the uppermost ceiling. 

Designed by ÜBERRAUM ARCHITECTS and called the Cloud Cuckoo House, this is a building that will surprise and delight you, the more you see of it. It's full of wonders, and we are delighted to be able to show some of them to you today. So let's begin our tour! 

A complex exterior.

It's hard to tell just where the levels begin and end in this home, thanks to the deceptive exterior. The house is separated into two main parts, distinguished by the materials they are built from—the top section from wood, and the lower from stone. 

It looks like a disjointed home, when in fact it's the exact opposite. Inside, the levels are connected in multiple ways, producing some very interesting, and completely unique spaces. 

Breathtaking views.

Because of it's elevated location, the architects made sure to install plenty of windows large enough to capitalise on the incredible views. Looking down over the local village and nearby misty valleys, it really feels like you are living above the clouds.  

Capturing the light.

The central staircase is impressive thanks to it's size and design complexities, but also because of the multiple areas of lights—natural and artificial. Windows are added to every wall where possible, tiny spotlights installed low along the stairs to light the way, and a dramatic light feature hands in the middle of it all.  

Twice as nice.

Mezzanine and split levels are built to sit in the middle of some windows, allowing as many areas as possible experience the incredible views outside. 

Brilliantly bold.

But the views out the windows aren't the only great ones in this home—the layout of the interior also allows for some great vantage points and interesting angles. Looking down onto the kitchen some spectacular surprises are revealed. In particular, the red trim running around the window and also alongside the bottom of the cupboards. 

All furniture and fittings are made to be a bit dramatic, but not too loud. They manage to perfectly complement the sleek, contemporary look of the house. 

Down to earth.

Because the lower level is constructed from dark stone and tinted glass, it seems to almost merge in with the rocky landscape it's built on. And upstairs, the wooden paneled exterior creates a striking look, with large glass panels reflecting the clouds in them, blending the structure in with it's surroundings in a very literal sense. 

With it's bold and confident design, the Cloud Cuckoo House is a completely unique home, and one place where it's more than acceptable to have your head up in the clouds. 

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