How to capture the minimal look (in 7 easy steps)

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Grupo Arsciniest Minimalist bedroom
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Have you ever wondered how some people manage to capture a stunning minimal look in their homes, without running into the problem of a cold or unfriendly space? We have and we think it's usually down to hiring a genius interior designer! With that in mind, we wondered if we could glean some tips from already completed minimalist design projects, in a bid to help you pare back your bedroom, simplify your living room and cut the clutter in your kitchen and guess what? We think we've managed it! You'll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to create a beautiful, unfussy and really covetable home, with a minimalist theme, so why not come with us now and see what you need to do to make your lovely home absolutely spectacular?

1. Don't get rid of everything!

First things first, you do not need to throw out every possession you have in order to experiment with a little minimalism! We actually think that a few simple wall pictures, for example, heighten the pared back nature of a wider setting, so before you throw all your collections, object d'art and belongings out, think about if they will actually help!

2. White is key.

Daniel Apartment BLACKHAUS Minimalist bedroom Wood White

Daniel Apartment


We know this isn't groundbreaking news, but it IS important! Minimalist homes always make great use of white as the key neutral and it is frequently given a little warmth with natural wood accents. White allows for a bright, light-filled home that feels inviting and beautiful, so don't be afraid that it will feel cold.

3. Focus on uncluttered surfaces.

Small kitchen Atelier036 Minimalist dining room White

Small kitchen


Even if you don't throw away many of your belongings, you need to give the impression of owning a little less, to truly capture the minimalist aesthetic. This is where clear counters come in! By keeping large expanses of counter space totally clear of clutter and debris, not to mention clean, you will create the look of a minimal home, while still having all the accessories you need, just tucked away in a cupboard!

4. Symmetry is a given.

When you think of minimal styling, you picture clean, unfussy rooms with a high degree of order, right? Well that's why symmetrical design is so important! Square furniture, dual installations, such as the mirrors here, and a naturally practical layout are all key motifs to emulate.

5. Use natural materials as accents.

We've already mentioned that wood is frequently used in minimal homes to add a little warmth and contrast, but you can go a step further with other natural materials. Un-dyed heavy wool and animal hide rugs are particularly popular, as they offer comfort, but always in a neutral and understated palette. 

6. Clever storage will help.

For a minimalist home, you need storage, storage and MORE storage! The key is to have a logical place for everything and to keep everything in that logical place! If all your belongings have a designated home, you can keep the rest of your spaces totally free of floating clutter, so think about where your remote controls need to live, as a start!

7. Be consistent inside and out.

This is a key tip that so many people overlook! If you want a truly minimalist home, don't forget to include your outdoor spaces in the scheme as well! A pared back home, with a busy garden just won't look consistent, so employ a little simplicity out in your garden as well. Trust us, it'll look as though a designer curated your entire property!

Why not take a look at a fantastic home that uses minimalist principles to perfection, here: A minimalist home to learn from.

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