37 of the most original headboards ever!

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We know that we often say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but if you are like most of us here at homify, we just love our bed, but then again, who doesn't? When we are in it, we don't want to leave, and then when we are out of bed, all we can think of is to get back in. (Somehow I feel that made total sense to you, you are just there reading and nodding along.)

So this one is for all you dream lovers out there, that are eager to get back to bed, we give you 37 of the most original headboards ever! Shall we? 

1. With numbers.

2. With doors or vintage looking doors.

3. The pallet look.

4. Geometric wallpaper design.

5. Headboards with lights.

6. With views, both inside and outside.

7. White leather.

8. For those who love waking up to the sun.

9. Simple, with delicate prints.

10. One with decor and the other without.

11. With the use of different materials and shelves.

12. Indigo blue.

13. A lighter blue for a more romantic feel.

14. Pendant lighting is aesthetically pleasing and kinda artsy.

15. Bold colors for the decor and hard concrete to back it up.

16. Wood painted in white.

17. When two beds become one.

18. A mirror.

19. Repurposed wood.

20. Wood but painted in blue.

21. A minimal shelf.

22. Zigzag wallpaper with plenty of pops of colors.

24. Headboard in zigzag decor.

25. Amazing blue mural.

26. Tropical and classical meet.

27. Low headboard with plants.

28. Matching walls to pillows.

29. Neutral tones to soothe you.

30. Another wall matching the pillows.

31. Bold wallpaper with two windows.

32. Symmetry.

33. Wood work.

34. Poetry.

35. Hand painted.

36. More poetry.

37. Photographs.

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Which one(s) did you like the most?

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