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A luxurious swimming pool is a wonderful addition to your garden, but if you don't fancy the idea of an azure blue hole in ground ruining the vista when not in use, what can you do? Well, we think we may have found the answer, as there are some astonishing hidden pool designs coming to the forefront right now that offer you the best of every world! A fabulous, uninterrupted garden space when you don't fancy a dip and a ready-to-use pool when you do! The most amazing thing is that they can come in a range of finishes as well! Come with us now as we show you what talented construction teams are creating for their clients and see if you fancy something similar too!

1. A wooden wonder!

Where is the pool here? We know there must be one! What looks like a lovely decked terrace is actually a camouflaged pool here and we love how stealthy it is! Not only that, it creates such a beautiful seating spot too! Sneaky, clever and cool!

Talk about a big reveal! Would you just look at the seamless way that the pool cover has transformed into the floor? This must be some kind of dark magic, as we can't figure it out at all, but we love it! The staggered steps, beautiful wood and seamless transition is just so amazing!

2. Smooth as stone.

If wood isn't your preferred garden aesthetic, let us convince you of the beauty of natural, smooth stone! The small paddling area here is charming enough on its own, but when you drink in all that luscious glossy stone, you have a terrace that is the very height of luxury, but just wait…

Erm… how gorgeous is this pool? Just like the wooden cover, the stone here has sunk to the bottom of the pool to open up a long, sleek and stunning swimming area! Can't you just picture this being perfect for a family? Heck, it would be incredible for photoshoots too!

3. Gorgeous in glass.

We have one more option for you to think about and that is eye-catching glass! When you really want to make a statement with your garden design and have no issue with people knowing how opulent you like your home additions, it really is the only option, as the cover here looks magnificent! Just wait until you see it transformed though!

You'd never know that a sleek glass cover was in place here, would you? Pretty and perfect, this pool is every inch the luxury garden addition that you'd expect to see, with a really striking floor as well! We can't deny that we'd love to watch this cover transform!

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Are you seriously tempted by one of these innovative designs?

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