Fifty shades of dark to pimp up your home

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Today’s homify article celebrates the might of dark colors, when it comes to decking up spaces- interior as well as exterior. The common practice is to go for light colors bypassing the darker shades, turning to dark hues only when a bold look is needed. However, the darker tones can lend a remarkable finesse to any space when employed thoughtfully.

Be it the exterior facade, or interior spaces like the living room, bedroom, home office, or kitchen, a darker color can impart dollops of sass and elegance. Walls, ceilings, floors, furnishings, furniture, cabinets, sanitary ware and upholstery—the list of elements that can be dolled up using dark shades is mind boggling. Many times, the darker hues of hardwood also add a novel dimension of modishness to the elements. Any style- Scandinavian, country, modern, rustic, classic or minimalist- can be teamed up with the dark colors to bedeck the home. Also, the wonderful combination of dark hues with smart lighting cannot be overlooked.

Oftentimes, only the dapper touch of black is recognized for the sophistication it imparts to the different spaces & parts of the home, overlooking all the other colors in their dark tonalities. In this article, let us walk through 37 examples of the magnificence of dark colors OTHER THAN BLACK to marvel at the latent magic of the different dark hues, that interior designers & room decorators have bowed to, of late. Here we go!

1. Genteel warmth of Moss Green for lounging.

2. Violets & dark Gray ring in the chic restful essence in this bedroom.

3. Accent colors complement the textures & shapes to fill the room without cluttering it. Don’t miss the lighting effect!

4. Soft calming feel of the walls adds to the heartiness of wood in this tropical dining room.

5. Contemporary bathroom sophistication in dark Gray.

6. Subtle yet bold & intense, mild yet vivid.

7. Edwardian rusticity adorned by brick-colored jazz.

8. Tranquil Taupe extends trendy repose.

9. Eclectic woody charm meets Lime Green grace in this dining room.

10. Dining on hues of vibrant conviviality; look at those Prussian Blue walls!

11. Galactic poise in the darkest hues of Steel Gray.

12. Bathed in the classic dazzle of Red with a golden touch.

13. Garnished with a generous helping of dark Oak wholesomeness.

14. Dark gray and peppy suggestions of red bring refinement into this working space.

15. Clean lines & dark wood enhance aesthetics in small dimensions.

16. Classic hints of Peach for winsome space.

17. Dark hues complement minimalist details in this elegant room.

18. Lighting forms the perfect accompaniment to the dark tones of heartiness here.

19. Chic colors & catchy patterns doll up this radiant modern niche.

20. Game for some Crimson & dark Gray sumptuousness?

21. This Mustard feature wall provides an ideal backdrop for the work station, no?

22. Textures & dark tones add to the jazz in this stylish nook.

23. Dark Green accentuates the white accents to introduce a prim panache in this corridor.

24. Regal suggestion of dark Blue in deluxe white serenity.

25. These hanging lights and the snazzy Gray ceiling absolutely nail it!

26. Floral freshness & bright hues amp it up in colonial style.

27. Flaming red for fantastic bathroom.

28. Spreading the industrial cheer in Canary Yellow.

29. Pixel-like face of palliative Green aspect.

30. Orange oomph & engineered wood for modernity.

31. Spellbinding Blues.

32. Mosaic tiled magnificence in Green.

33. Browns & Grays for lounging in modish coziness.

34. How about a fresh pop of flamboyance?

35. Homespun essence of colorful fulfillment.

36. Ideal for large spaces & believed to radiate positive energy in terms of Feng Shui, Jade Green is a visual treat as well!

37. If a neutral theme is what you prefer, this warm cream or pale coffee tone would be great, exuding a friendly & comforting vibe without looking too showy.

All these dark-toned rooms have given us such a sultry and relaxing feeling, we think we're ready to ditch the white walls. What about you? Which color will you go for?

When are you going to unleash the dark flair in your snug pad?

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