Scandinavian Design Ideas For Indian Homes

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Scandinavian design refers to the European design sensibilities popular in the northern counties; Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Made much popular with the iconic home furnishing company Ikea, Scandinavian design is marked by simplicity, functionality and minimalism. Scandinavian designers have made noteworthy contribution to its popularity all over the globe. Though it has its roots in colder European countries and much of it is suited for those climates, it is possible to adapt and take inspiration for more warmer places like India. Scandinavian style works well for clean clutter free spaces. For those who like to keep things simple, stylish and modern, Scandinavian influence can be a great source of ideas for the home.

White wood floors

Scandinavian design mostly does away with carpets and rugs and use of white wood floors is fairly common. White floors blending with white walls make the rooms look more spacious and airy. For apartment owners this strategy can work very well when space is a constraint. Moreover white is timeless too. Adding furniture, upholstery, accessories would not need lot color coordination. When white is the theme, any other color can be added to the interiors.

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Neutral Hues

Neutral hues are a hallmark of Scandinavian interiors. Its rare to find loud colors in such settings. Neutral colours are easy to work with as you can blend in different shades beautifully. They have a cool and calming effect. White walls and ceiling, grey floor and brown furniture; all together look so elegant and beautiful. Not all things vibrant are pretty, dull and grey can be gorgeous too.

Uncluttered Passages

Do away with clutter in passages and hallways by use of a neutral color throughout. Single color palette allows  tiny spaces to look spacious and airy. Had there been different colors on the floor, walls, ceiling and furniture, the same passageway would have looked completely cramped. Use of a sliding door cupboard is perfect for this passageway; practical and functional.

Minimalistic kitchen

Kitchen can be the most cluttered space in the house. Thoughtful planning is needed to allow maximum storage inside and clutter free spaces outside. The trick again is to use neutral colors for the walls and cabinets, simple and functional counter tops and no unnecessary gadgets, appliances or decorative pieces. There isn't anything in this kitchen that screams for attention. Mild pastel colors and functional lighting creates a quiet ambient space. 

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Scandinavian Furniture Inspirations

Scandinavian inspired furniture is high on design and functionality. Uncomplicated design and smooth lines that allow use of space that is perfect for small to large apartments, the furniture looks very modern and contemporary. This simple but sturdy dining table is so timeless while the colorful chairs are straighforward and stylish at the same time. 

Love For Nature

Scandinavians love nature and are environmentally very conscious. Use of Eco friendly building materials is pretty common. Use of natural wood instead of synthetic fiber is encouraged wherever possible. Here entire wall/ partition and the staircase is made of solid wood. It is graceful, functional and yet so charming. Love for nature can also be seen in use of indoor plants. Placement of plants at the doorway, living room, bathroom or even the kitchen adds a special touch to the house.

Use Of Natural Light

Sunlight is precious during those cold winter months in northern Europe, so ample provision is made to use it to the hilt by use of big unobtrusive windows. India mostly is a tropical country but using natural light during the day can serve very well for colder climates. For privacy one can always use sheer curtains. A good dose of sun can be ensured by placing windows and doors in the right direction that allow maximum light inside all through the day. Needless to say, it helps save electricity as well.

Nordic lifestyle has evolved due to peculiar living conditions and design sensibilities of the people there. It has become recognizable all over the world and deservedly so. Scandinavian designs in furniture and home products are a perfect blend of beauty, simplicity and practicality that work brilliantly for all homes; more so when being clutter free is a priority. So go ahead and seek inspiration from the many Scandinavian design aspects to create a home that's beautiful, elegant and most importantly organised.

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