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A beautiful home made of traditional materials

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Today we will take an in-depth look at another impressive home projects, which comes to us all the way from Scotland. As you will see when we investigate the home a little more closely, this home is representative of the images and atmosphere we associate with traditional homes from the British Isles—ample stonework, warm wood, gentle appearance, and pastoral appeal. 

The below granite farmhouse is a beautiful piece of architecture to be found in Aberdeen. Roundhouse Ltd. Architects, responsible for this project, sought to improve the frontage of the property and to modernize the interiors. This had to be done within the dimensions of the original home and without losing the essence of the property. This may seem like a daunting task to many, but we can clearly see that the architects in question approached the challenge with confidence and subsequent positive results. 

Join us now to inspect the work done and to see how the traditional and modern had been married up in this quaint farmhouse. 

A traditional site.

Here it is, the pastoral dream home in Aberdeen Scotland. It is not at all difficult to see the appeal of this beautiful, charming and sturdy traditional house. The warm materials and natural colors are immediately alluring and signal a gentle refuge to visitors. 

We can imagine that this traditional-style building requires a great degree of upkeep, though, and maintenance must surely be a priority. With improving the facade and adapting it for the new owners, the architects surely had their work cut out for them in updating the style, but we can see that they have done an excellent job in the end. 

Traditional materials.

Moving into the home itself, we come to the underlying theme of the project. This renewed farmhouse sees the marrying of rustic or classic and modern styles, but traditional materials are at the forefront of the design. 

In this image, we can see a stone-tiled floor, which is reminiscent of archaic architecture, but still has a great aesthetic appeal today. In conjunction with the tried-and-trusted use of stone, we can also see a heavy reliance on wood. 

High ceilings.

This old home also has very high ceilings, as is characteristic of older styles. Here, however, we can see how the architects made the best out of it by installing a series of skylights, allowing ample natural light to filter through the home. 

Wood as focal point.

Here in the dining room of the house, we ca see one of the star materials of the project—wood. The rustic and defied dining room table and accompanying chairs provides a charming country look that gives a gentle and welcoming atmosphere to the living space. 

Wood-burning stove.

In the living area we can see another wonderful traditional feature that is held in this traditional-modern home. This old-style wood-burning stove is made from cast iron and is a charming addition that certainly Ives off a country feel.

Around the fireplace, we can also see a number of other rustic materials, such as the traditionally woven fabric which covers the poofs in this space. Not only do these items suit the traditional style, but it also adds a bohemian touch that will be popular in any house, new and old.

Modern kitchen.

Moving on to the kitchen, we find an extraordinarily warm and welcoming culinary space. This large kitchen is sure to remind you of the generosity and hospitality of rural homes and families. Conversely, it may be suited to those who prefer seclusion. All-in-all, it is a versatile and warm area, to be filled with the spirit of those who inhabit it. 


In the bathroom we find a large free-standing tub, which assuredly marks luxury and comfort from bygone eras, now experiencing a renaissance. 

Outdoor entertainment.

At the end of the tour, we find ourselves out on the terrace space of the home. This wooden addition to the house is in keeping with the structure's overall style, and offers the element of outdoor enjoyment. 

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Let us know what you thought of this traditional home in the comments below. 
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