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5 charming rustic kitchens that feature amazing storage solutions

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Who doesn't love a gorgeous rustic kitchen? Just looking at them makes us think that we can smell fresh bread cooking, hot coffee brewing and damp wellington boots drying in front of the range cooker, all of which fills our hearts with joy, but there is another aspect to rustic kitchens that is so amazing; the potential for bags of innovative storage! Modern kitchens always seem to try and hide the storage away, but ask any kitchen planner and they'll tell you that rustic rooms display the shelves, cubbys and drawers that make them so useful, with pride! We wanted to show you a host of our favorite rustic kitchens in order to point out some of the most recognizable and traditional storage motifs, so come with us now and see if you pick up and brilliant ideas!

1. Corners can be so much more useful…

if you have bespoke corner drawers created for them! The aesthetic of this set-up is just as impressive as the functionality and talk about making more of what most people consider to be dead space!

Fresh and bright.

If you thought that all rustic kitchens need to be a little gloomy, but in a good way, think again! White, bright and wonderfully characterful, this space has a breezy and beautiful feel to it, but not only that, it has some amazing storage capacity as well! It's easy to overlook, as all of the white accents make everything so camouflaged, but we'll show you some of our favorite inclusions, other than the lovely shaker cabinets that is!

Hidden in the walls…

are the most beautiful deep drawers with dovetail finishes! The strength of these drawers, thanks to their construction, will make them perfect for stashing heavy good in, such as cleaning products!

2. Modern rustic!

A heady mix of traditional and modern styling, this lovely kitchen is a haven of amazing storage solutions. From inset shelving through to custom carpentry, you can't look anywhere without finding somewhere that you can use to stash a few extra plates or ingredients! The overall warm vibe here is spectacular as well!

This custom under-sink cabinet area…

is absolute phenomenal. As eye-catching as it is practical, there must be more storage just in this space than in most other kitchens and the sleek doors make it so stealthy!

Check out the inset shelving…

above the pantry cupboards here. What an ingenious way to display cooking books, without them taking up shelving space that would have been handy for something else! Lighting them was a stroke of genius as well.

A cute little display cubby…

offers the perfect place for displaying treasure items, not to mention things you use regularly, but can't find a logical home for. Where DO most people store a pestle and mortar, after all?

3. A masterclass in rustic styling.

We can't deny it, we are absolutely obsessed with this audacious pastel blue kitchen and every time that we see it, we fall a little bit more in love, but let's talk about storage! As you can already see, there is a wealth of amazing cabinet space here, with extra touches such as a plate rack and integrated shelving helping as well, but there are some other installations that get our hearts aflutter too!

Custom drawers…

can be made to fit perfectly in any available space. Any of you that have a range cooker will know that they take up a lot of room and can leave unfortunately narrow spaces to contend with, but bespoke carpentry will make your kitchen drawers fir like a glove and shoulder a huge part of the storage requirements.

Outdoor shoe cupboards…

that pull out like larder shelves are an amazing way to hide the wellingtons and walking boots, while also helping to keep your floors clean and preventing trip hazards from building up by the back door!

Simple touches…

Such as large clay pots make ideal utensil holders, as they really match the rustic aesthetic, while not creating too much clutter on your work surfaces. So simple yet effective!

4. A hidden world.

With shaker style cabinets, a host of small drawers and lovely rustic aesthetics permeating this kitchen, it's hard t pick out just a few things that really grab our attention, but we bet you're already wondering what that large wooden cabinet has to offer, aren't you?

It's a beautiful larder…

that simply opens up to reveal more storage than you can shake a stick at! With special racks on the back of the doors for small jars, deep shelves, a removable cutting board and even wine bottle recesses at the bottom, you'd hardly need anything else in your kitchen!

Gorgeous appliance housing…

is a great way to not only integrate your electrical items seamlessly, but to also add some necessary storage, where you need it the most. We love the deep drawers here that must house cooking utensils and what a great idea, as they seem to drain all the space out of normal, shallower options!

5. Blink and you'll miss it all!

How's this for a really traditional rustic kitchen? There is a cluttered yet cozy feel to this room that invoke such nostalgia and joy that we love it, but it's easy to be so overwhelmed by the vibe here that you overlook the lovely storage innovations! For a start, we really like the inset shelf, underneath the worktop, which offers a common sense place for stashing all the cooking books!

Simple wall shelves…

shouldn't be overlooked in terms of how handy they are! I a rustic kitchen, they look great too, as you can get all the 'good balsamic' and ingredients on them! You can just about see that the pans are hanging from hooks here too, which is another key rustic motif!

Taking awkward items into account…

such as wine bottle is vital, as they will soon drain a smaller kitchen of useful surface space! With a narrow slither of space next to the cooker here, it makes perfect sense to carve out a few bottle niches and let's be honest; they look wonderful!

Building into the walls…

is a terrific way to get more shelving into a small kitchen and in a rustic setting, it looks so right! Don't you just love the practicality and style of this inset spice shelving system? GENIUS!

For more rustic inspiration, take a look at this article: All you need to create a home in rustic style.

Which of these storage ideas would be great for your kitchen?
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