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5 modern rustic homes with serious style!

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Rustic homes are fantastic, but if you can't deny that you love a little contemporary styling as well, there is a way to combine the two, despite them seeming to be totally at odds with each other. The secret, as any talented architect will tell you, is to focus on modern interior design and proportions, while using traditionally rustic materials in the construction process to create a perfect balance of contemporary flair and homely rustic feelings that come together to make magical properties. We wanted to show you exactly what we mean, so have found some absolutely phenomenal homes that embody both modern and rustic motifs and if you are ever unsure as to what kind of home you are looking at, here's a tip; the kitchen usually gives it away!

1. The Grange.

WOW! You certainly can't argue with these proportions or gorgeous good looks, can you? While the shape and size of the house are distinctly modern, the double-pitched roof, cream render and delightful connection to the garden make this am eminently rustic property as well, but that's not all! Take a look inside and you'll find painted wood ceilings, a traditional kitchen, a wealth of natural wood and some beautiful organic textiles that all scream of a more rugged, rustic aesthetic, while always being countered with fresh, modern and neutral color schemes. 

We'll let you enjoy some pictures now, but keep an eye out for those subtle rustic touches!

2. Noe Valley I.

Have you ever seen such a charming and clearly rustic home? You don't need to be looking at a log cabin to know that all the traditional wooden accents and muted color scheme here makes for a wonderfully old fashioned and sweet house, but you might be shocked by the blended interior design. Just when you think you have a handle on what the desired aesthetic is, everything changes, with retro furniture, natural wood and a very rustic shaker-style kitchen all creating fascinating juxtapositions and yet, a truly spectacular harmony.

Take a look at the following pictures and enjoy the skilled hand that it must have taken to make so many different motifs work well together!

3. The Lantern House.

There might be wood cladding on the exterior of this gorgeous home, but that's not even nearly enough to make it look rustic! With that in mind, you'd be forgiven for assuming that this was a contemporary home and nothing else, but then the interior sneaks up and shocks you! A plethora of natural materials, luxurious textiles and a roaring fire all add in distinctively rustic imagery to this home and make you question everything you thought you knew about it. We love a home that can constantly surprise us and this one certainly fits that bill!

We think you'll love the living room here, so be sure to look for it in these pictures!

4. Portola Valley Ranch.

A modern shape can't overshadow the wonderfully rustic nature of this home, which finds itself nestled in among mature trees and a dreamy rural location. The black wood cladding certainly goes a long way to establishing a rustic aesthetic, but the inside tells a whole other story. Sleek white surfaces meet pared back natural wood and offer up a dialogue that speaks of modern convenience within a natural setting and we think it works beautifully.

You'll really enjoy the connection to the garden that this home enjoys, while noticing what a contemporary landscaping scheme is in place too.

5. Healdsburg I.

If you never thought that a contemporary luxury home could feel simultaneously rustic, prepare to have your mind changed, as this hilltop home is truly exceptional. Large, open-plan spaces are countered with comforting natural wood furniture and a bespoke kitchen, while the bathroom injects another modern material in the form of a concrete bathtub. Each room tests the boundaries of contemporary and traditionally rustic styling, but always brings the two together in perfect harmony. 

Be sure to appreciate the views from the master bedroom, while looking at these phenomenal pictures!

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Do you love the combination of rustic and modern styling in these homes?
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