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Whether you have teenagers who are wanting more privacy, elderly family members who insist on staying independent, or if you yourself are looking for a smaller residence while extensive renovations are made to your house, a garden cabin, sleep out or bungalow could be your answer. 

This one we are featuring today, is built by home builders BLANKSTONE based in London. It is completely self contained with it's own kitchenette and bathroom, and surrounded by a wooden deck. Constructed from warm timber and finished with dark gray steel roofing and gutters, it looks idyllic sitting at the back of the garden space. Not only does this home look adorable, it's also economic and low maintenance, making it one of the best bungalows out there. 

With place in the sun.

A wooden terrace fits across the whole width of the house at the front, with more than enough room for outdoor furniture and potted plants. This is the spot to enjoy the peace and quiet of the garden in!

A humble abode.

Not needing to be flashy or loud, the bungalow is simply designed with two halves joining with the apex in the middle. Made from unpainted wood, the exterior is unembellished, with flat window ledges, and folding glass doors acting as the entrance. 

Secluded and secure.

Long rectangular windows on each side of the bungalow are enough to ensure there is plenty of light inside while remaining private and away from prying neighbors. 

Spotlights are also installed around the outside of the home keeping it secure at night. 

Holidaying at home.

Once the glass doors are opened up, the interior becomes a beautiful little sanctuary with the views and smells of the garden literally on the doorstep. This backyard bungalow is better than most holiday homes in the countryside! 

Just peachy.

The kitchen is included in the main room, along with the bedroom. But because of the bathroom walls, it fits nicely in next to it, and the overhead sun light provides extra visibility on the workbench. 

The apricot/pale orange color scheme ties in with the wooden flooring and adds a cozy, homely feel to the place.

Colorful chair and curtains.

Next to the wooden bed, a large wardrobe sits in the corner and an additional ladder for access to the storage on the mezzanine level. Bolts of bright color in the curtains and corner chair keep things the interior youthful. 

Strong and sturdy.

Just like the exterior, the furnishings and cabinetry are practical, high quality and timeless. These are all things that are made to last, and help make daily life simple and uncomplicated. 

Scandinavian style.

Similarly, the work space is designed with ease and simplicity in mind. With a slight Scandinavian style, the desk features clean and classic lines, and a striking wood and white contrast. The chair and desk lamp match the desk, making this a spot anyone would love to work in—especially considering the view to the luscious garden that is outside that window!

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If you had a garden studio, what would you use it for? 

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