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17 pictures that prove wallpaper is making a big comeback

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Since the late 1700's, wallpaper has become an integrated and common item employed in our everyday domestic lives. Bypassing labor-intensive painting practices and providing temporary and convenient solutions, wallpaper has definitely stuck itself to the landscape of interior design for decades to come. 

Rising in popularity and reach in the 80s, wallpaper had been ubiquitous due to its economic benefits and the wide range of patterns, colors, and textures it warranted. In our contemporary times, the options for wall coverings have increased exponentially, however, and this has meant a decline in the reliance on wallpaper and its monopoly of the market. 

Over the last couple of years, however, we have seen a resurgence in the popularity of wallpaper, and boy, did it come back with a bang! With the latest technology, an unbelievable range and intensity of colors are at our disposal, as well as crystal-clear photographic representation. The possibilities that can be achieved with wallpaper have never been more far-ranging. 

Join us now to take a look at 17 pictures that irrefutably prove that wallpaper is back, and here to stay for quite a while!

1. Take flight.

2. Something more abstract.

5. Disappear into a forest.

10. Wordplay.

The interior designers sure knew what they were doing with this layout. The wordsearch wallpaper is the perfect quirky and clever background to an intellectually designed lounge. 

11. Intense florals.

This bathroom wallpaper provides a pop of color in an otherwise minimally decorated home. 

12. A classic in the modern world.

13. Mysterious jungle.

15. Subtleties.

17. Luxurious patterns.

After seeing these 17 pictures, we don't think there can be any more doubt as to the comeback wallpaper is making in the market. 

Now that we know how to decorated walls, why don't you take a look at what to do when you don't have any! These open-plan home designs will inspire you to change your home layout today. 

Which of these wallpaper designs would you like to see in your own home?
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