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Home offices are practical spaces that need to be adorned using neutral decoration so as to enhance concentration and focus. However, a thoughtfully conceived smart decoration idea can actually aid productivity if accomplished tastefully.  To demonstrate this very point, homify brings to you 7 inspiring ideas for your home office, wherein the latent appeal of the interior design plays a key role in bedecking the space. Have a look at these amazing ideas which showcase the smart design by the interior decorators and celebrate functional elegance.

1. Soothing touch of brightness.

A hint of green in a cheery backdrop can enliven your home office, as shown here. The yellow wall and the Bonsai planters add a vibrant suggestion of adornment into the office space. The white blinds can be drawn after dark, to make use of artificial lighting.

2. Corner story.

This Scandinavian home office space is located at a convenient corner to make the most of the comfortable location and plenty of natural light pouring in. The translucent glass panel with the white blinds helps cut off the view of the office space from the adjacent living room, imparting better privacy. The black chairs & red pop add to the visual charm.

3. Exclusive space.

The designer allure of this home office bears the blend of humble essence of wood & soberness of gray, creating a striking style statement. The wooden cabinetry covering the entire wall also offers work desks; the chairs, vibrant wall decor, rug and radiant ambiance add to this delightful space. Taking a break from work, you could marvel at distant views while lounging on the recliner!

4. A blackboard wall.

The blackboard wall is a really smart concept that combines the utility & visual aspects- you could jot down the great ideas that occur to you while you are brainstorming, and it looks quite innovative too! The white pop-up racks, adorable plastic containers, handle-free drawers & wooden platform/ work- desk beautifully complement the blackboard wall in this Scandinavian home office.

5. At an angle.

The engaging angular design of this home office, with overhead white cabinets, jazzy wall cubbies and an eye-catching blue work station at the corner, makes for a small but stylish space. Subtle yet sassy!

6. In the basement.

Occupying the basement, this modern office is replete with a formal finesse in its simplistic format bearing grey, white & woody tones and ample open & closed storage. Look at those hollow wooden steps!

7. Using good old wood.

The classic nobility of wood fills up this lounge-cum-home office space with a quaint charm. The polished wooden-framed large windows let in plenty of natural illumination to light up this space.

How have you decorated your home office? Share with us in comments!

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