11 inspiring ways to maximize your wall space

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With the increasing trend of an open plan layout for the interior spaces, walls are becoming somewhat less popular. Interior designers are also coming up with innovative designs that offer distinct spatial outlines, sans walls to demarcate spaces. Nevertheless, walls still hold their importance not only as room separators but also for functions like storage & decor.

These days, out-of-the-box concepts in architectural design & interior decoration help create elements that are multi-functional, and walls are also receiving smart updates for a jazzier version of their monotonous old selves.

Be it behind the couch in the living room, facing the dining set, adjacent to the kitchen space or staring at the cushy bed, walls provide ample scope for smart hacks that impart added utility like storage cabinets or appealing wall decor or both. With a number of styles from Scandinavian to minimalist, and a variety of elements like tiles, mosaic, wood planks, etc. at your disposal, wall spaces could be conveniently bedecked to enhance their utility in a visually sound manner.

Today homify brings to you 11 stylish ways in which you can maximize your wall spaces & pimp them up with oodles of practical charm. Take a peek!

1. Inviting warmth for a comfy reading time.

2. Contemporary chic corner.

3. Sober scholarly touch for modishness.

4. Appealingly walled in wisdom.

5. Colonial essence of woody versatility.

6. Game for some foyer coziness?

7. Multifaceted for mudroom.

8. Rustic meets contemporary for industrial ingenuity.

9. How about this modern display-storage nook?

11. Classic multipurpose flair.

Which of these are ideal for maximizing your wall spaces?

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