This house is a gorgeous blend of modern and rustic styles

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The Grange Feldman Architecture Classic style houses
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A spacious house has a lot of potential when it comes to layout and decor, with numerous style options from which to choose. Given the brief of infusing modern style within a traditional framework, the task becomes even more challenging! The architects at Feldman Architecture undertook The Grange project in Palo Alto, California, and envisioned a classical layout with both informal and formal living spaces. Contemporary elements combine with a welcoming color palette to fashion a beautiful, stylish residence. Let’s have a look!

​The stylish back view.

Seen in daylight, the house is equally stunning! The black borders of the windows give a striking monochromatic beauty to the exterior. Teamed with a gray roof and a matching gray seating arrangement in the lovely patio, the effect is ultra-chic! The manicured lawn is the final touch that completes the beautiful picture.

​The pleasing patio.

The cozy patio is perfectly located between the two wings of the house and looks fresh and inviting with its cool gray decor. Glass doors connect the dining area with the patio for a stylish open-plan design that brings in the outdoors!

​The modern kitchen.

The white and beige color palette is soothing and restful and the gleaming modern appliances, recessed lights and floating shelves add trendy notes to the ambiance.

​An aesthetically appealing decor.

From this angle, we see the natural wooden floor that matches so well with the beige wooden decor for a gorgeous rustic style. The large windows nearby ensure ample natural light within.

​Delightful dining.

We love this stylish wooden dining arrangement! The creativity of the chair design and comfortable look of the cushioned bench is given an extra dollop of style by the elegant light fixture above.

​Dual dining arrangement.

The two wings of the house have an identical dining arrangement. The rustic theme continues with the wooden floor and furniture while the large glass doors provide an outdoor dining experience!

​Pristine serenity in the bedroom.

The bedroom is a beautiful sanctuary decked out in restful white and gray. The gabled roof provides an elegant ceiling for a fairy-tale look to this comfortable room.

​A cozy retreat.

No one would ever want to leave this adorable and stylish nook, ideal for relaxing with a cup of tea!

​A reading haven.

We love these plush, comfortable beanbags and can easily visualize sinking into them for a long, cozy read!

​Sophisticated bathroom accessories.

Even the bathroom showcases the utmost refinement. Look at this gorgeous washbasin, stylish accessories and elegant light fixtures!

Feldman Architecture have done a spectacular job of blending the contemporary with the traditional in this beautiful residence!

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​An elegant facade.

The evening sky subtly illuminates the sophisticated facade of The Grange, giving it an impressive appearance! The gabled roofs and numerous brightly lit windows together with the surrounding greenery contribute to an overall effect of refined elegance.

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