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Facet House, Platform 5 Architects Platform 5 Architects Modern Living Room
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This home has been built around a love for facets. The faces of the home come together to create a rather distinct personality that takes it from its normal modern bearings and transports it to an exciting, understated and very elegant status that is full of artistic play. The home has been designed by the architects from Platform 5. This single-story structure has all the facets done up in a unique way. The home has been planned in a way that it faces the outdoor greenery from all angles and sits well with the eclectic vision of the theme and the designers. Come and have a look at this home to see how well geometry can work for home design.

​Diagonal setting for the dining table.

The simple wooden inlay waves on the dining table top make for a fun look even as the diagonal aspect creates much space. This also matches the diagonal incline of the slanting roof.

​Slim white and wooden space.

The main entryway takes you into a slim corridor, which has been done up with a rustic texture in a sleek rendition. The planks of white painted wood with their glossy look stand on one side while a bench has been built into this space using the triangle on top to create an alcove. Below, the bench has been set in retables juxtaposed for an interesting look with many nooks for open storage.

​Neutral living room.

The diagonal walls make for a cube-like room while the grey and white pallor sets the tone for a neutral setting, which is extremely sophisticated. The egg blue couch and the white shelves with the books and artwork ensures that the space has plenty of comfortable seating.

​Interesting flooring.

The white and wooden triangles as well as the wooden fixtures soften the sleek industrial look of the glossy white surroundings while the chrome lamp comes down in an elegant manner.

​Wooden textures at play.

The wooden textures here have a rather rustic hue that come alive, thanks to the white walls and cabinets along with the chrome appliances and fittings. The open display brings in a homely feel.

​Wonderful storage ideas.

The cupboards that house the tea and coffee accessories and appliances open in a sleek manner to reveal homely looking wooden quarters.

​Bench mark.

The bench for the dining table ensures that many people can sit down for a meal at one time.

​White bathroom.

The classic white-tiled bathroom is a true delight with simple touches.

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​Wood and bricks.

The simple sheet of glass plays up the golden light coming from inside the home. The brick and wooden features surrounding this sheet of glass make up the rest of the home in a modern rustic way. The bricks have been piled atop a simple slant, which veers off to one side, while horizontal wooden planks line the walls and the backyard as well. The exposed cement deck and well-planned greenery makes for a wholesome look here.

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