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Book Tower House, Platform 5 Architects Platform 5 Architects Modern Dining Room
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The architects from Platform 5 have created a home that centers around a shared love for books. With an old school oak rib and structure, as well as chic zinc coating on one side, the designers have managed to use this double-height tower for a look that says urban London with a touch of all those romantic novels that one can find! Come and have a look at this wonderful home to know more.

​Café-style dining space.

This charming dining space looks like the theme was taken straight from our favorite street cafe, which can be seen in various nooks and corners of Europe.

​Brick facade.

The brick facade of the top floor frames the lower floor’s glass walls with chic pillars. The backyard is filled with pretty greenery and a bench even as the slim structure sits in a cozy spot. The architects have created a rather modern looking space with classical leanings.

​Bookish corner.

This bookish corner has been created in the middle of the home. The awe-inspiring line up of books on the simple Scandinavian style shelves and the matching staircase and floors literally is an eye popping sight. Books can be seen all the way to the mezzanine and top floor, even as some tomes come forth to frame the main door.

​Cozy study.

The mezzanine houses a study table, which sits discreetly with the step-style bookshelves and the books. This is a cozy space where one can relax and flex those creative muscles.

​Linear incline for the staircase.

The staircase of the home has a wide railing in a boxed style. The linear asymmetrical incline of the home wraps itself inconspicuously around the books and ensures that they remain the showstopper here! Thanks to the double height ceiling, there is plenty of natural light flowing into the home from top.

​Industrial chic kitchen.

The kitchen brings on a matte finished white hue, which is matched by a zinc-plated, oxidized looking texture for the counter top. The simple kitchen has plenty of room for all kinds of culinary pursuits with storage on the side, concealed behind two slim doors.

​Earthy elements.

The white walls are complemented by the earthy wooden and brick elements that lend an almost golden yet understated hue to the entire space. The dome like black lamps make for a contemporary look.

​Classic modern bearing.

All in all, the home has a mix of the modern as well as the classic. The designers have struck a wonderful balance between the two schools of design to create a stunning and subtle statement. The classic good looks of well-polished wood finds its match in the simple white walls that shine with strong design values. Wood comes down from the steps to line the floors while a black metal frame underscore the entire area atop the glass railing. The arches for the windows and the chandelier too are classic additions.

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