6 Stylish warm carpets for winter

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Carpets today are no longer the privilege of the rich and adorn every middle class home to give a touch of class and beauty to living rooms. With their vibrant colors and soft touch, carpets have the ability to transform an ordinary looking room into the kind that can be published in magazines. Carpets have always been admired for their intricate patterns and designs which uniquely represent the art and culture of areas where these have been created. Till recently most carpet making factories sold handcrafted products which generally used primary colors like red, green, blue, purple and orange. Growing demand for less intricate and simple carpets has led to growth of machine made carpets that are now available in multitude of colors and patterns. Today carpets are manufactured and sold all over the world which are both handmade and machine made with colorful mix of modern geometric designs and intricate traditional patterns. 

Here are samples of popular carpet designs made by our talented professionals that have the ability to add color and beauty to you home. 

Patchwork Flair

In rustic countryside homes where carpets are still a dream people developed the practice of stitching together colorful rugs to cover cold floors during winter. This household practice has now become a fashion trend and furnishing designers cut up old worn out carpets and stitch them on back and front for additional support. These give buyers a complex carpet which is an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary colors, patterns and fabrics. Some designers specialize in this form of carpet making where threadbare vintage carpets with unique patterns are expertly stitched together and dyed in monochromatic colors.   

This beautiful carpet which is a mish-mash of patterns and colors of mats and colors from all over the world transforms this rustic room by bringing a riot of colors through geometric and traditional designs. Simple timber floor and wooden furniture may be in sync with plain brick walls but the patchwork carpet which is in absolute contrast to them bring a touch or rustic flair into the room.

Woolen carpets

The pleasure of walking on soft warm woolen carpets during winter is sheer bliss especially during early morning when one steps out of the warm bed. Always keep the color palette and furniture in mind when purchasing carpets for home as only then the tone and symmetry can be maintained. Even though light colors have a tendency to display dust and grime more easily than dark colors they create an atmosphere of space.

Woolen carpets are common in western hemisphere than tropical nations due to climatic conditions but their artistic patterns and comfortable finish still attracts people to them. The colorful red and white geometric patterns of these woolen carpets designed by Sinclair group… and have been made from finest wool from New Zealand. While red and white strips bring rhythm these geometric patterns light up a room with plain furniture and white walls.

Morrocan patterns

Moroccan carpets are among the oldest in the world which was traditionally hand-woven by people of this region for their personal use. Appreciation of these intricate patterns and demand created a worldwide market for these carpets and twentieth century creations of Moroccan carpets are still regarded as collectibles. These carpets are appreciated chiefly because each region has its own unique style and designs are made with both floral and geometric motifs.

This exquisite sample of Moroccan carpet has so many patterns and motifs that it gives illusion of a story being told through these myriad images. The handcrafted pattern starts from centre while other images and designs slowly develop around it. It has three clearly defined borders in which the last one near the edge has blue background while thick middle one has large floral patterns on maroon background while the slimmest one close to main centre has too many flowers to distinguish the background.

Minimalistic carpet

Just as furniture, interior décor, fashionable clothing and books are written in different styles to attract different types of target audience, carpets too have a tendency to catch the attention of buyers that select them on the basis of furniture layout and color palette in their homes. In general minimalist styleminimalist style decor lovers do not like to have too many pieces of furniture or heavy carpets in their homes to retain the earthy natural beauty of hardwood floors.

Families that travel frequently generally prefer these kind of synthetic fiber carpets as they are lightweight and can be kept anywhere in the house or transported in a small boxes. Green and black dots against a neutral grey background make this carpet suited to any environment and room in the house. This kind of simplistic design are more suited to wall to wall carpets where the focus is on heavy furniture and other lighting arrangements in the room.

Kashmir silk carpet

These have always a vital part of Victorian romantic novels and murder mysteries where clues had to be found in dark or light silk carpets. Elegant and classy, silk carpets are in a class above regular woolen and cotton carpets and till today are quite expensive. The elegant and luxurious silk carpets of Kashmir that have held sway over local and international markets for several years retain their aura over us due to unique hand knotted patterns.

This exquisite baby blue carpet designed by Rugs De Indiska with colorful flowers and branches alternates between dark and light tones due to Persian style knots that give strength and durability to each waft of silk thread. The rich colors of pink flowers and yellow buds are starkly visible against the attractive blue background and have an innate air of magic around them. These carpets characterized by lush colors and intricate designs are part of their traditional family heirlooms and are unique due to number of knots in each square meter.

Scandinavian simplicity

Scandinavian furniture and furnishings are recognized for their simplistic beauty and flawless craftsmanship that is reminiscent of their climatic conditions and environment. Their carpets like interior decoration trends in Scandinavia focus on light tones and minimal use of natural colors. Due to weather conditions here most carpets are made in pure wool or blends of wool and synthetic fibre with minimal ornamental designs and patterns which makes maintenance easy.  

This woollen carpet is a beautiful sample of Scandinavian love for symmetry and simplicity. Large and small black squares make an interesting pattern on the white background and have a thick weave making it easy to keep out dirt and grime. Even though the carpet is all white it will not become dirty easily as it is not a wall to wall carpet and only spread around the furniture.

For more ideas on decorating your home with attractive carpet designs browse through these designs in our ideabooks.

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