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Our top 5 modern country homes

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If you think that country houses all have to be tiny cottages, with thatched roofs, it's time to think again, as we might have found THE most opulent, luxurious and beautifully located country homes out there and we're going to show you our Top 5, today! Clearly the work of a phenomenally talented team of architects, each of these homes offers a new representation of what our understanding of country homes currently is and opens up a dialogue that talks about modern developments and unique interpretations of anticipated motifs. If you are interested in building a country home, minus the kitsch, come with us now and prepare to be inspired beyond your wildest dreams!

1. Monochrome magic.

Take a look at country homes that follow a mock Tudor style and you will be able to see some comparable design inclusions here, but with modern materials, a fabulous pitched roof and more glass than you can shake a stick at, this is a very modern country retreat. 

Naturally, country homes have the benefit of a fantastic location and, often as not, sizable and impressive gardens too! This one, despite being so modern, enjoys a scenic and perfectly landscaped outdoor area and we love the use of gabion walls, to reinforce the modern aesthetic.

It might be monochrome inside as well, but the garden-facing view makes this home a natural evolution of country properties. Wide open spaces, exposed support structures luxury textiles are all motifs we would expect to see in ANY rural property, it just happens to be that the ones here are super contemporary!

2. Waterside wonder!

If a country house doesn't have views of rolling hills and luscious greenery, you can bet your bottom dollar that there WILL be a view of some water and that's what this home is fortunate enough to enjoy! A pretty white structure, the modern aesthetic is countered by tucking it in between such rugged stone walls and already, we need to see more!

Let's be honest and admit that the only thing making this a country home is the location, as it would look just as perfect on top of a cliff, up in the Hollywood hills or in a city! With multiple floors and expansive gardens, this would be a great family home, if you don't want to raise little ones in a city.

We had a feeling this home wouldn't have any exposed bricks, rustic wood burners or farmhouse tables and how right we were! What there is, however, is a kitchen at the very heart of the property, which is a classic country home motif, as well as easy views and access out into the garden. It is stunning, don't you agree?

3. Up on high.

In the interests of full disclosure, no, this is NOT a home for any of you that suffer from vertigo or a fear of heights, but for the rest of us, what a dream country home! Offering incredible views, the location here is matched only by the building itself, in terms of amazingness! Those stone foundations, the perimeter terrace. We need to see more!

Why have a house in the country, if you're not going to try to get back to nature as much as possible? That's clearly the thinking behind this gorgeous garden! With a large pond and plenty of seating, the second a sunny day reveals itself, it could be spent out here, basking in nature!

Now here's a modern incarnation of a traditional country house! Deep wooden floors meet a fabulous fireplace, wooden beams and leather furniture, but look at the spacing, the finishes and the shapes. Simplicity! That's how this home has put a modern spin on a rustic theme, by keeping everything pure and simple. Genius!

4. Chalet vibes with a contemporary twist.

modern Houses by DAVINCI HAUS GmbH & Co. KG

DAVINCI HAUS – a House for Lovers of Nature and Nobility


You can already identify the classic chalet elements in this home, can't you? Brick on the bottom, wood at the top, a balcony and a steep pitched roof. The difference is that this one looks like a mansion! We are loving the modern landscaping though, as it's so neat!

modern Houses by DAVINCI HAUS GmbH & Co. KG

DAVINCI HAUS – a House for Lovers of Nature and Nobility


With stunning views out over some water, this country home really does have it all. Laid out over two storeys, the lower floor has been left open-plan, as so many country homes are, but with an almost retro chalet look going on here, just encased in modern materials, how will that work inside?

modern Dining room by DAVINCI HAUS GmbH & Co. KG

DAVINCI HAUS – a House for Lovers of Nature and Nobility


The modern meets retro aesthetic has been embraced! What a charming way to not totally overshadow the country motifs of the past, but rather, draw them into a unique and totally tailored home design! All the exposed wood certainly adds in more of a rustic feel too.

5. Secluded and special.

With an exterior wall forming something of a fortress, this country home is a strictly by appointment only type of house! Taking plenty of inspiration from pretty white cottages that so many of us grow up dreaming of owning one day, there is a very definite sense that this is the traditional fairy tale cottage, 2.0!

Homes in the country often have the benefit of large patches of land and here, one has been used to create some really luxurious extra touches, such as a huge pool! living in the country doesn't have to mean that you scale things back and adopt a simpler kind of life, it just means there should be less noise!

The interior here is so light and refreshing! No references to beams, no heritage wood burner, just white surfaces, plenty of glass and a languid, relaxing design scheme. We have to say though, we don't think we could ever concentrate on the television, with glorious views of the garden either side of the screen!

For a little extra country home inspiration, take a look at this article: A country-style home with a modern vibe.

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