5 beautifully modern houses and their plans

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Residência Unifamiliar Condomínio Alphaville Londrina 2, Santos Arquitetura Santos Arquitetura Minimalist house
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Even at the best of times, and despite any help you may have from expert architects, the task of building a new house is a daunting one. That's why today we are presenting five inspirational houses in their finished states, alongside their plans. Sometimes seeing the floor plan of a home, its proportions, where the structural beams sit or how the staircases work with the overall design really help understand just how a house looks good. 

So if you are thinking about building your own dream house, but are a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of it all, take a look through these modern designs. We think it will make things a bit clearer to see the 'skeleton' of these homes, and take some mystery away from the process of building a new house from scratch! 

1. Concrete, cars and columns.

Concrete plays a big role in this home, as does the open carport next to the entrance with it's black, colossal columns either side.  

First floor.

The placement of the different columns are integral to the overall design of this home—they dictate the size and proportions of each room. 

The modern mansion.

Built by IMATIVA ARQUITECTOS, this incredible structure is over 5984 ft², looking like a cool, suburban palace complete with tropical palms and exterior spotlights. The two levels are organised by multiple balconies, staggered alcoves, jutting out rooms and several different statement pillars. 

Second floor.

It's invaluable to see the layout of this top story—which rooms are placed where, and how they are connected with their respective wardrobes and en suites. 

2. Striking, strong and sober.

Dictated primarily by the position and trajectory of the sun, this impressive residence built by TONY SANTOS ARQUITETURA has high ceilings, and huge windows. It's a striking, modern design composed from simple and strong shapes.  

Amplifying the area.

A huge plane of glass flanks the east side of the house, allowing the maximum amount of natural light in, ample ventilation and unbeatable views. The ceiling in the living room measures a whopping 17 feet, increasing the feeling of luxury and grandeur. 

First floor.

By connecting all of the recreational areas together (living room, dining room and kitchen), the first floor feels spacious and fluid. 

Second floor.

All three bedrooms along with the home office are placed on the top floor, separated from the rest of the house for maximum privacy. Additionally, the two main bedrooms are facing east/north east to welcome the morning sun in. 

3. The new Tropicana.

With a finished area of 6190 ft², the Casa Guazuma built by YUCATAN GREEN DESIGN is dreamy. Combining the styles of tropicana and minimalism, it is an breathtaking structure. Built almost into the hillside it sits on, it's design is integrated with the neighboring trees and the natural shape of the landscape. 

A creative corner.

Made up from several layers and multiple areas, each room of this house has it's own unique feeling, and view. The kitchen is just one corner of the house in which the homeowners can get creative. 

First floor.

The symmetry and scale of this design is as impressive as the amount of swimming pools it has!

Second floor.

Using an existing tree as a major feature of the house makes it unique and unforgettable. When architecture works in harmony with nature the result will always be better. 

4. Unadorned and ultra-modern.

What may look like a underwhelming facade is actually an ultra-modern exterior concealing a refined layout inside, and a very special swimming pool and patio area in the back. 

Pool and patio.

Combining basic shapes, smoothly finished concrete and stark styling, the pool and patio looks stunning. You don't need much to say a lot!

First floor.

With almost as much space dedicated to the patio area as the interior, it's easy to see where the priorities lay for these homeowners. Don't be afraid to commit space to the activities you love the most! 

5. A clever construction.

Another design by architect TONY SANTOS ARQUITETURA, it's easy to see his signature style: sharp angles, bold shapes and large, flat facades. We love that the carport is cleverly constructed from a horizontal extension passing from one side to the other. 

First floor.

Once again, most of the first floor is kept open, with the kitchen and dining room joined together. 

Second floor.

To tie an unusual design with split levels and fragmented sections together, place the staircase in the center, just like this one. 

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