The Saint Anna, New Orleans, LA:  Hotels by studioWTA

A beautifully renovated housing project in New Orleans, Louisiana

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With a total area of 13090 ft², The Saint Anna was originally built in 1853 to serve as housing for widows and helpless or orphan children after a yellow fever epidemic. Many additions have been made to it over time, and the sanctuary is run by women. Currently, this project includes an infirmary too, and the interiors have been tastefully renovated to complement the historical significance of the main building. It took a budget of $6,200,000 to revamp and modernize the interiors, and the three-story building now comprises of 23 contemporary multi-family residential units. The Saint Anna has received many accolades including 2016 Louisiana Landmarks Society Award of Excellence for Historic Preservation Award and 2015 Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Excellence in Construction Award for Historical Restoration/Renovation Less than $25 Million. Credit for the recent renovations goes to the architects at studioWTA.

Stately entrance.

Building techniques such as dentils, gutta, triglyphs, frieze, columns, exterior plaster scoring and penciling were extensively used for this elegant housing project and restored later. Parts of the front facade were rebuilt with brick and mortar, besides ensuring that original touches are preserved as much as possible. Brilliant craftsmanship in wrought iron makes the entrance stately particularly.

The graceful building.

The builders at Robert Little and Peter Middlemiss first put together the original masonry and plaster building in 1853 and included significant architectural elements. Initially known as St. Anna’s Asylum for the Relief of Destitute Females and Their Helpless Children of All Religious Denominations, this building embraced an infirmary in 1960. In 2007, it was converted into an assisted living facility for senior citizens. The name “Anna” was used for the building to commemorate the late daughter of Dr. Mercer, one of the benefactors.

Piece of history.

Mounted on the iron fence surrounding the building, this historical plaque proclaims the special worth of this asylum and women’s rights.

Elegant entryway.

Newly built, this entryway connects the parking lot with the rear side of the building. It is ADA-compliant and looks elegant with its grey sloping roof.

Bright and refreshing interiors.

Lavish application of white hues and preservation of historical lattice windows make the interiors look bright, spacious and charming. The modern furniture keeps pace with changing times here and promises comfort.

Revamped main staircase.

Fresh white paint and neat wooden railings pair with elegant grey carpeting to make this staircase look elegant and welcoming. The structure complements the historical charm of the building as well.

Lovely foyer.

Here’s one of the multi-family units in this building. The elegant foyer features an original masonry wall on the right and a long array of latticed windows on the left. Stylish and modern furniture adds to the appeal here.

View from the dining.

The dining and foyer is basically a repurposed passage in this family unit, and opens up to the living area and kitchen. Decorative screens conceal the study nook from open view here.

Modern living and kitchen.

Trendy and cozy grey seating and minimalist coffee tables pepper the living area, while the white rug contrasts the warm wooden flooring. The open kitchen is minimalist with sleek designs, smooth white cabinets, modern appliances and quartz countertops. White curtains drape the historic windows for a charming feel.

Refreshing perspective.

We love how the dining area overlooks the spacious and open courtyard, which keeps the residential units sunny and well-ventilated.

Minimalist bathroom.

Clean white tones, sleek sanitary fixtures, and practical inbuilt shelves make this bathroom comfy yet minimal. The simplicity here complements the rich heritage of this building.

Attention to details.

The original design details of this building were preserved as much as possible during the renovation. Even the galleries around the courtyard were beautifully rehabilitated and new mill work was carried out to go well with the initial woodwork.

Gorgeous courtyard.

An original sculpture dominates the centre of the courtyard, while neat patches of greenery ensure a refreshing appearance. Modern recliners allow the inhabitants to relax, sunbathe and socialize comfortably.

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