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Some houses reveal their aesthetic surprises slowly yet surely. Today’s tour will take you through such a residence, where the facade is modern and elegant, but doesn’t reveal the beauty of the backside at first. Rendered by the architects at Yucatan Green Design, this 6200 ft² villa is set on a sloping plot of land, and the structure takes full advantage of the gradient. Spacious interiors, brilliant lighting, a refreshing pool, multiple terraces and trendy furniture add to the attraction of this beautiful home. So read on to know more.

Nature-friendly oasis.

The sleek and simple volume connected with the main house acts as a den where you can relax, chat with friends or host casual parties. Ample use of white and sliding glass doors ensure that this structure looks bright and helps you to connect with nature easily.

Jazzy rear view.

From here, you can see how the backside reveals two separate volumes which are connected by a staircase and are on different levels of the slope. Brilliant lighting make the property shine like a jewel in the dark.

Cutting-edge facade.

Done up in white and wood, the facade is a simple yet sharp and elegant affair. Garages flank the wooden entrance on either side, so that two cars can be protected from sun and rain comfortably. The windows on this side are extremely sleek to protect the family’s privacy.

Trendy living with a view.

Sliding glass doors allow this living room to open up to verdant greenery, fresh air and bright sunlight with style. Trendy and sleek furniture and practical shelves make this space both entertaining and useful. Gleaming marble flooring lends a hint of luxury.

Gorgeous connection.

The main residence and the separate volume which acts as a den or garden house are connected by a stylish staircase with glass balustrades. A large tree, dense bushes, manicured grass and beautiful pebbles make this transition stunning.

Poolside relaxation.

A compact dining arrangement in rattan and a standalone swing make this poolside terrace very enjoyable. You can simply laze around, relish cool drinks or indulge in cozy chats while admiring the blue pool.

Luxurious terrace.

Soothing cream and beige tones and glass doors on either side make this terrace a haven of elegance and serenity. It not only overlooks the refreshing pool, but also features fashionable water bodies inside. Neat and sophisticated furniture allow you to relax, entertain as well as enjoy open air dinners.

Open plan interior.

The main house comes with an open plan layout that merges the living space with the dining and kitchen seamlessly. This plan also lets the entire common area connect with the poolside, ensuring ample ventilation.  Stylish furniture, creative lamps and vibrant paintings add personality to this space.

Beautiful open kitchen.

Rich tones of wood couple with smooth white to make this kitchen seem cozy and inviting. Sleek counters, fashionable chairs, ultramodern appliances and smart fixtures allow the kitchen to act as a breakfast and bar nook as well.  

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