9 living rooms that make lounging around luxurious

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Netflix and chill? If that's your favorite past time, then you need to see these living rooms—they take relaxing to that next level, so that when you relax, you really relax. Whether it's because of their vibrant color schemes, whimsical cushion covers, extra wide sofas, plush rugs or long luxurious curtaining, they will make you feel like there is no where else you would rather be. 

We are sure we don't need to tell you twice—sit back and enjoy the show we have for you today. We present to you nine extravagant lounges that are splendid, comfortable and opulent. Let's see them! 

1. Revitalize yourself with fiery tones.

South London Apartment Bhavin Taylor Design Modern Living Room
Bhavin Taylor Design

South London Apartment

Bhavin Taylor Design

Fire engine red is a color that gives you energy, especially when used in large amounts. So if you have a big sofa like this one in your living room, you will end up feeling rejuvenated, enlivened and revitalized every time you relax. And that's the point right?

2. Picking patterns.

Hells Kitchen Penthouse, Bhavin Taylor Design Bhavin Taylor Design Home Office
Bhavin Taylor Design

Hells Kitchen Penthouse

Bhavin Taylor Design

To use patterns in an interior, you don't have to go all out. Try mixing large prints with smaller ones, like this dotted wallpaper and wide-set striped carpet. Here the cushions act as a middle ground between the two, tying the two sizes together. 

3. Make it bigger.

An easy way to make your living room feel more magnificent; more grand and more comfortable is to go bigger. Invest in extra wide or extra long sofas, hang curtains from the ceiling to the floor (even if your window isn't that big), and use coffee tables that are heavy and large. 

4. Do you have a need to read?

To really make the lounge the place you want to spend time in, make it cozy, but customize it for what you love. If you love to read, then hang rows of shelves for books and ornaments. Have coffee tables with extra storage for objects of interest. Create the space that appeals to you.  

5. Graceful and gray.

Or if you prefer your lounge to be about calming yourself and collecting your thoughts after a busy day, then consider gray as a tone to decorate with. It is subtle, elegant and peaceful. This room by interior architects EVOLUXURY DESIGN is perfect for winding down in. 

6. Freshen up with blues and greens.

Kitchen/ Family/ Breakfast Room Studio Hooton Modern Living Room family room,fresh design,green and blue
Studio Hooton

Kitchen/ Family/ Breakfast Room

Studio Hooton

Sea blues and mint greens are the colors for freshness, especially when used on a background of crisp white. Carefully chosen not to overwhelm the room, the dark blue sofa and patterned curtains are just the thing to brighten this lounge (and it's inhabitants) up. 

7. Finding bliss with pastels.

Paying tribute to the refined style seen in Scandinavian interiors, this lounge is subtle and tranquil, with loads of pale wood and white furniture. Decorated mostly from neutrals, the only colors used are pale and peaceful yellow ochre and powder blue. 

8. Subtle statements.

Even if you love color, try to limit yourself to only two or three separate tones, otherwise your living room will be too chaotic and overwhelming. Use white, cream, grey or beige as a base to your room and add the color on top of that—and only one or two details. The same applies for artwork—don't go overboard!

9. Get fancy with your fabrics.

Nothing says opulence and relaxation like velvet furniture. Team it with some dim lighting, or low lamps, and your lounge will feel romantic and lush. If having a velvet chair like this in your room feels like too much, then try adding it in the details, or use thick, heavy material for curtains. 

But don't stop there! Here are 30 more ideas on how you can make your lounge as enjoyable as possible.

What's your essential accessory in your living room? A wide sofa? Lots of cushions? A plasma TV?

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