10 kitchen designs that will have you begging for more

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The kitchen is the heart of the home for a reason. When so much of our lives revolve around food, it's difficult to envision a warm, comfortable atmosphere without factoring in the stability the kitchen brings to the fore.

There are a few mundane necessities that every kitchen needs; space to prepare, counter tops, utensils, crockery and cutlery. 

But then there are the unspoken necessities, that which every good kitchen needs to make it feel more authentic to the owner, to make you feel like Gordon Ramsay in your own home. 

A mug with 'World's Best Parent' emblazoned on the side. That wooden cutting board from your first apartment. The knife sharpener that you've never used but hangs up above the sink anyway. The battered pot that you still cook all your rice in, despite the worn copper and dented lid. Your favorite pan for bacon, large enough to fit most of a pig, but absolutely infuriating to scrub.

A kitchen is more than a place to prepare your food. It's a place to escape into the therapeutic nature of cooking and cleaning, a place for any member of the family to learn new skills. From baking cookies with the kids, to licking the bowl, from trying out that Italian recipe book from Christmas, to getting out the fire extinguisher, and from slicing onions to wearing swimming goggles; this is the room of the most activity.

With that in mind, we have pulled some sweet and savory kitchen designs for you to sample.

Enjoy your meal.

1. Simple skylight.

This kitchen draws from the ideology that natural light is the best light. And you can see why.

The soft illumination of the actual electrics defers to the large quantities of ambient light coming in from the outside. 

Cook beneath the stars every night, and eat breakfast beneath a rising sun. Bon appetit! 

2. Bubbles and sky.

In a similar vein to the previous picture, this kitchen also makes use of the natural light coming in from the skylight to one side. 

But perhaps more interesting, is the functionality of the cupboards placed around the stove, which gives an authentically classical feel to an otherwise modern kitchen. This creates a scrumptious blend of retro-meets-modern, especially when you include the flamboyant stove and vintage ceiling lights.

3. Stainless steel, large island.

A big kitchen is its own reward, but one that then embodies all of the bright furor of a metallic exoskeleton while still providing ample opportunity for warmth and comfort—well, that one is the prize. 

Large, with lots of room for activities, and plenty of storage space for even the most well-equipped chef. This kitchen would suit a small boarding school, let alone a family of five. 

The mini-fridge tucked away in the corner is just a special treat. 

4. Cinnamon twist.


The massive colonial window style, cross hatched with the glory of the modern farmhouse, this a genre-defining kitchen worthy of worship.

The rustic chandelier completes a truly earthen feel to this ensemble.

5. Lavender macaroon.

This is certainly a bold step into the colorful, but there are entire cabinets in science dedicated to the positive effects of the color spectrum on the brain. 

That being said, many people have a lavish taste for a single-chrome style, and this kitchen presents a perfect role model for anyone looking into going that way. 

It has all the bells and whistles, and the white versus lavender scale creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for the end of a long day. 

6. Stir fry.

This kitchen is a slight deviation from the previous, but embodies similar principles. It has a menagerie of color, all serving to really bring home the eclectic styling.

Modern day cupboards and shelving, mixed with vintage yellow lighting, an exquisite dining set and theatrical small lights against the roof, this is certainly a mixing pot of inspiration.

7. The club sandwich.

Carved wood, bronze crockery, a corner candelabra and a tartan wallpaper—when did anyone of this century possess such magnificent taste?

This is the main course of kitchens, the king prawn, the T-bone, the turkey. 

Late nineteenth century nobility meets modern day sensibility in this tiered inspiration to kitchens everywhere.

8. U-shaped counter and bar.

This cockpit-like style is really fetching, adding an enormous amount of function to the standard kitchen counter. 

It is a sink, a bar, a counter, a storage unit and an office space, depending on what you're looking for. It also closes the kitchen up nicely, keeping it safe from the running kids or frantic spouses, and keeping you, inside, protected. 

It is the perfect place to find your space in a crowded home. 

The hanging lighting is an adorable feature too.

9. Another cuppa Mum?

This is the El Classico of vintage kitchen styles, and we added it because of its sheer originality in an age where everything new seems strange.

The shape of the wall, the size of the oven and all the decor contribute to a very homey feel; avoiding the harsh lights of steel and the rough exterior of wood, this instead plays into the soft cream center of the heart. 

10. A splash of chili.

Its fun and colorful, its teasing and cute. But mostly this kitchen is true to itself. 

There is nothing overtly fancy here, in style, in feature, in decor; and that alone sets this one apart. It has everything that is needed in the modern kitchen, humble in the wood-on-white color schematic, and bubbling with personality with the colors, lighting and strategically placed narrow window.

This the kitchen of the in-love couple down the street who haven't yet realized what life is like ten years, three kids and a restraining order later.

Do you like the kitchen ideas you've seen here? Any in particular? Would you like to share your own? Please get in touch with us below!

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