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Architecture is a cornerstone for the human species. From the earliest mud brick huts to the sheer decadence of modern day mansions, without the vision behind the blueprint, we would all be stuck living in mediocrity.

Every so often there comes along an artist, willing to use the very earth as their canvas as they erect a symbol of their own brilliance. The Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate bridge, the Burj Khalifa and even Mount Rushmore, all stand as testament to the creative mind behind the labor, the inspiration behind the muscle, the conductor before the orchestra. 

Home design is not simply attaching blocks like LEGO, it is the inherent understanding of people and the way that they work. It is knowing how to grab the energy of a species that thrives on sociability, and wrestle it into shape, forming a complex mechanism that provides comfort, support and stability.

In short, it is creating a home that will stand the test of time. The test of faith. The test of love.

But most importantly; the test of creative genius. 

We have compiled a list of homes that are true to the unique, illogical sensibilities within us all. 

Welcome to the architect's dream.

1.a Step into my office.

One of the greatest feelings a person can possess is the smugness attached to winning an argument.

No matter how volatile the discourse, you can count on the winner sharing a wry grin, the kind that says, I'm smarter and I know it.

It's the same feeling you get with this compact home, dressed in all the subtle glory of a post-office employee cashing in the winning ticket for the lottery. 

1b. This is my better side.

The simple exterior is hiding a beautiful secret, as the home has far more space than originally assumed. It is also a classic case of less-is-more as the facade appears to be overly simplistic to those with narrow vision, while offering far more to those without. 

2. Superman.

The slightly jarring symmetry of this design is truly a move driven by a taste for the diabolical, as it is also dependent on the viewer.

From different perspectives, this home possesses different exteriors of hard-angled planes and glass doors and windows, all of which mesh seamlessly with the ninety degree wall theme and flat roof. 

A modern home of singular nature, this one cuts no corners.

3.a Sun's out for the summer.

This habitable tanning bed is something of sheer brilliance. 

With the garage located on the higher side, the roof slants down at its least-needed point, allowing for a gently curving roof that frolics into the main attraction. 

More importantly, it is designed to maximize the positive effects of the slope that you din't even know were there. It actually fundamentally changes the nature of the entire home.

3.b One becomes three.


Didn't see that one coming, did ya?

4.a Grand foliage.

Courtyard House, NO Architecture NO Architecture Eclectic style garden
NO Architecture

Courtyard House

NO Architecture

Nestled away in the woods, this is the perfect location for the outdoor type. But perfect location is one thing; a perfect home is another. 

In sticking with stereotypes, this facade is not meant to allure the materialistic or narrow-minded. It is a home of broad vision, broad perspective and broad views. Literally. 

Instead of feeling like a burr on the edge of nature, this home will make you feel a part of it. 

4.b Stuck in the middle with you.

Courtyard House, NO Architecture NO Architecture Eclectic style dining room
NO Architecture

Courtyard House

NO Architecture

Hard not to with your own terrarium.

5.a Are you sure?

It just seems so basic. 

Yes, there are some nice lines, and I'm not mad at the half-slat half-wall juxtaposing, but even with a beautifully styled courtyard front lawn and a unique design, there is nothing that blows me away. 

5.b And now?

It's basically a spaceship.

That has shed its wings and decided to make earth its final resting place, all the while basking in the ambiance of its own illuminating luxury. It makes eclectic seem like child's play, with a wooden box core, stable home base and show-me-the-money exterior features. 

It's probably a Transformer too.

6. Sing me to sleep.

Timber Clad Exterior Facit Homes Wooden houses
Facit Homes

Timber Clad Exterior

Facit Homes

The framing says all it needs to for this home. Both large and small door frames set this up to a stereotypical gable-roof log house, probably owned by the same family in Colorado for seven generations. 

But then the actual house takes a literal different direction, more reminiscent of a middle-period Chinese sail boat than an a home. 

This is the hallmark of functionality meets inspiration, as the extra height on the inside wall provides a strategically placed window to capture every last ray of the sun each day.

Ever hear the story of the man who built his house on stone and not sand? 

He still lives here. 

7. The Nostromo.

AIS Designs


AIS Designs

Once there was this awesome one story house who had lots of friends and people thought was cool. He had a great lawn and pool area and this rather nifty second story parking. 

And then one day out of the blue somebody slapped a second floor on this little home, replete with futuristic angles, Kanye West style side windows and a body to make the masses weep with joy. 

Before long he was the talk of the town. 

Until the third story showed up, neatly interlocking with its twin below, to create a most magnificent triumvirate of sleek elegance, futurism and textbook narcissism.

Now he is the town. 

8.a Water lilies.

This is the go-getter, the visionary among saints, the curve ball that gets results.

This is where the bar can only dream of being set.

What is there really to say? A modern home on the water, a casual glance at the future of canals, lakes, rivers and dams. 

Refined? Certainly.

Arrogant? Only in its ineffability. 


8.b Water lilies at night.

You can for sure count on it.

What did you think of the different designs? Are there any that stand out to your mind? Please give us feedback below!

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