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We all have a slight thirst for the exceptional, and when it comes to our homes we tend to slake that thirst more often than not. Why?

Because we revel in authenticity. 

From hosting dinner parties to pulling into the driveway with six kids in tow, from a couple's comfort zone to a single's dream, there is nothing more satisfying than calling the beautiful building on the corner home. This is only amplified by the outrageous amounts of adoring fans who stop by each day for the smallest glimpse of the elusive prize, the unicorn of home design, the white whale of innovation. 

And that could be you.

Below you will find a collection of exquisite homes, done in styles which differ in as much as they stand out. In fact, their one true similarity is that they are, one and all, simply breathtaking. If you're looking for design tips for that extension you've been planning, or in the process of drawing up prints for the new holiday home by the lake, then you've certainly come to the right place. 

Ladies and gentlemen, get stuck in. marvelous  

1. Me glass house, you glass house.

It's inviting you in. It's begging. It wants you to share in its majesty. 

Could there be anything more ostentatious than a home with a three story window? 

Yes. You inside that home.

Playing the piano. On the second floor. 

While your spouse paints a bowl of fruit and your children write poetry and cure cancer simultaneously. 

Don't pretend you don't want it. 

2.Box it up.

There's so much to savor, its difficult to find a place to start. But why not with the extravagance of this wooden slat double story that screams decadence and whispers affordability. 

The exterior is entirely made up of the wooden slat style, broken by the overt and audacious floor length sliding doors, on both sides. 

Critical to the success of this style is a view to die for, as pictured. Open yourself to idyllic scenes of pastoral pleasure, to a sunrise over the sea, or a moon rise over the mountains. 

Either way, the sheer volume of open space, nicely finished with the staggered second floor and circular ground floor windows, will lend a proverbial bulldozer to your intellectual roadblock. 

3. Curvacious audacious.

Yin and Yang. 

The notion of diametric opposites in the world. In everything good there is a smudge of evil. In everything evil there is a flicker of good. 

Well, not with this power house. 

The stunning voluptuous exterior makes one think more of a Roman palace than a modern day home, but it doesn't stop there. Just for fun, it throws in a beautiful pool (complete with water feature), a bar, sun chairs and a flower-speckled second floor that drinks in the sun like a starving kid at the milkshake shack.

This layered cake is one for the shop window. 

4. God save the Queen.

Call it what you want, this house gives snooty a good name. 

It was Gianni Versace that said people were born royal in the past, but today royalty comes from what you do… And where you live. And this gorgeous home proves it. 

The hipped-roof style lends credibility to the owner's claim to historical respect, while the colonial windows; adorning much of the exterior, provide backing in the form of highbrow regal taste. 

While old-school may not be considered modern and innovative, it does draw from centuries of satisfied customers, and sometimes stepping forward requires looking backward first. 

5. I'll take mine with extra rugged.

Okay, so this one's intended for more than just one family, but nobody ever succeeded with the mantra 'think small'.

The rough-hewn-stone styles which mark both outcrops of the home, fronting a sleek wide wood-slat exterior, simply ooze craggy appeal. Even if you're not up in the Andes, you'll feel like a mountaineer.

The garden is certainly the winner here though. Elegantly put together, providing such a vast array of relaxation spots that one wonders how much time is actually spent indoors in a place like this.

Not something you'll be pondering when you lace up your boots and hit the trail out back. 

6. Beam me up Scotty.

Second story pool, over the garden.

Smoky marble exterior, broken by smooth white walls.

Angled roof with an open-to-the-elements arrogance.

Palm tree.

'Nuff said.

7. Make way for the chief.

There is certainly something deliciously African in the style this not-so-humble home has decided to flaunt. Ancient Zulu tradition dictated that the chief would live in the biggest rondavel (beehive hut), at the center of the village, and from there his might would be clear to all, friend and foe alike.

Gone are the days of tribal raiding parties, but showing off might, well that's a different story. 

Four stories, to be precise.

The three shed-style roofs form a nice triangle, with the beehive dome at the center. Dominating. The final roof is far more historically accurate, done in the traditional thatch style. 

This serene glimpse into the past is brought to life by the modern swimming pool, and sneakily tucked away hot tub—to ensure a treat that has at least one foot in the present.

Let's pretend we didn't notice the sheer size of the place. 

8. Harvey Dent.

A home of two faces. 

One to smile sweetly, welcoming you with a caress as warm as the Caribbean water, offering you a place of standing in the modern world. White walls, wooden slats and a perfunctory garage.

The other to wait with anticipation, ready to lend you the strength you need, ready to fight the good fight, ready to be the stepping stone on your way to glory.  Rough dressed stone, a solid determination, a robust declaration to the world.

Either way, when you wake up in the morning, you'll be ready to take life by the throat.

9. Stonehengian might.

This superfluous extravaganza packs more than the average punch. The sheer genius in the circular lawn adds a feeling of being the epicenter of the universe—which is exactly what you're going for in a home like this. 

Not to mention the more-glass-than-wall exterior which beams with interior lighting, and the slightly angled roof plane to the left which is reminiscent of a sly smile from the late Patrick Swayze with just a small hint of pleasure, this double story is the showboat of designer flair. 

10. S-bend.

This home wraps up our exploration for today.

A simplistic style for those looking for a little 'less' in their 'more', this home nevertheless delivers in modernity and suave jazz-like appeal.

The color scheme is unassuming, and the purposefully placed lines of the building give it an air of sophistication, as though the owner comes back everyday from business meetings on Wall Street, lunch at the Plaza, or dinner in the White House.

Who knows… Perhaps one day you will be?

Did you enjoy seeing these different styles? Would you like to see more, or post your own? We would love to get your feedback below!

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