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11 creative home ideas you can try in the Philippines

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Anyone who wants to build a new home of their own would be on a look out for new ideas. Today at Homify, we will give you creative home ideas that you can try. The best part, those ideas are all here at Homify so they are always available for you.  We have stylish and chic stories as well as luxurious and elegant presentations that could be helpful to our readers. Let's get started.

1. Two-in-one

A house can feel special with lovely and warm undertones. In a subtle way, this house appears to have two parts joint together. The front is a single storey building with a gable roof. Each part used a different color, which makes this house chic and unique.

2. The distinctive bright yellow house

A small house that doesn't have much space could still look stylish. The pitched gable red roof gives this house a distinctive look. This home played with warm colors, gradients, and intensity. It definitely looks cheerful and bright!

3. Modern box style home

This house has an eye-catching modern design. The compact layout and neutral colors blend well with its natural surroundings.

4. Minimalist style country house

This simple house uses a combination of stone and mortar. The mustard yellow paint makes it look brighter. It surely fits perfectly with nature and the garden!  

5. Long box house

If you have the space, this style is for you. This walkthrough and linear house has the simplicity of modern design that looks extraordinary.

6. Airy house

For a house with space, you want to build a comfortable home. Perhaps you want something that feels like a resort? Then this house is perfect because it's also easy to maintain.

7. The home-based nature

The house is designed in modern style. It used natural colors so it's not flashy. The decorations must consider the use of natural materials to maintain the overall look of the house. Just like placing stones instead of fences in the garden.

8. Decoration

This home is a classic with traditional design. It features the use of wood to decorate the windows. The paved and stoned walls were excellent idea from the designers who included style in every corner of the house. 

9. House grounds

For the previous houses, we mainly looked at the exterior. This one will be different as we will check out the interior of the house. We can see here that the kitchen, dining room, living room, and laundry room are all in one area. The space may be limited but there is surely ease in use.

10. Close to nature

This house is perfect with a large garden or as a vacation home in the province. It is a country home that uses natural materials and essential elements such as stone staircase railings. The bright pink color also makes it stand out. 

11. House blend

The combination of materials such as a variety of decorative plaster, wood, and bricks gives exquisite design in the front porch. Notice also how a wooden deck surrounds the two-story house made of cement. 

The modern barn
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