3 cutting-edge houses perfect for cars lovers!

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K邸ガレージハウス, 一級建築士事務所・スタジオインデックス 一級建築士事務所・スタジオインデックス Modern Houses
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If you are a car fanatic and have a really cool (or expensive) one in your collection, then your house must come with a smart and elegant garage that protects it lovingly. And a garage doesn’t have to be dark, cramped or smelly at all. So, take ideas from these 3 modern houses with stylish garages to make sure that your car gets nothing but the best. These residences were built by the architects at Class Architect Offices and Studio Index, and have beautiful interiors too.

1. Trendy exterior with garage.

Done up in white and gray, this ultramodern house uses simple lines and neat glass windows to make a welcoming statement. The gray garage door complements the facade nicely.

As the garage door opens, you can see that it is spacious enough to house two cars easily. The main entrance is to the left of the garage and blends stylishly with the facade.

Focused lights, white walls and a chic gray floor make the garage interior bright, cozy and convenient.

The garage leads to a glossy, white and well-lit space equipped with inbuilt shelves and cabinets.

Glass sliding doors lead you from the garage to a stylish white spiraling staircase, which leads you to the living space of this house.  You can see how the gray main entrance door is positioned cleverly to take you to the same destination as well.

1. Bright interiors.

Lavish use of white, gleaming flooring, powerful recessed lights and large glass windows in the living area make this home cozy and inviting. The cutting-edge kitchen counter in steel and a bold black leather chair with footstool ensure a smart look.

The dressing room is narrow but long, and features simple but practical shelves for organizing clothes.

Quirky in shape, the top story connects you with the spacious and airy terrace, while wooden flooring provides warmth.

2. Bold exterior with garage.

Plentiful use of dark gray and black lends a very unique and bold look to this house. The garage door blends nicely with the facade and the wide passage offers ample space for parking an extra car. Sleek glass windows allow sunlight to flood the interiors without compromising privacy.

When the garage door opens, you can see how perfect this space is for housing a bold red Ferrari!

Black walls act as the ideal canvas for the jazzy red car, while a white ceiling and bright lights ensure a spacious feel. Neat gray tiles on the floor and a gorgeously backlit Ferrari logo on the wall make the garage simply awesome.

Sliding glass doors connect the garage directly with the luxurious living space done up in neutral but stylish tones.

2. Luxurious interiors.

A grand piano near the ultramodern staircase promises enjoyable evenings in the living area. Tall windows on two sides bring in loads of sunlight, while the burgundy drapes come in handy when you want some shade or privacy.

Right behind the plush living space sofa is the elegant dining arrangement. A large wooden unit stands to the side and features numerous shelves for displaying artifacts.

Glossy surfaces and minimalist cabinets make the kitchen a very trendy and practical space. White and black marble also come together to infuse it with luxury.

Patterned wallpaper in bright orange adds oodles of spunk to the very modern bathroom, while mosaic tiles in brownish shades contrast the white fixtures nicely.

3. Minimalist exterior with garage.

From the street, the house looks like a tall block of white and gray – very minimal and contemporary. The white volume represents the garage, and the presence of a single window near the top indicates the owner’s love for privacy.

That the house is very private is reflected in the position of the entrance door as well. It is to the side of the house instead of right in the front, and features a small shade to protect visitors from sun and rain.

The amply-lit garage looks spacious enough and is elegantly done up in white and gray. A staircase to the left takes you upstairs to the main living area.

A close view of the compact but stylish staircase reveals how modern it is. Glass and steel balustrades have been used to create a sense of openness, while bright lights jazz up the smooth white and gray surfaces.

3. Fashionable interiors.

Large glass windows set in black frames visually connect the staircase with the open plan living area. Trendy furniture and neutral but chic hues dominate the space, while recessed lighting ensures brightness.

The open kitchen is all-white, features many cabinets and accommodates the dining counter aesthetically. Blue and black chairs add color here.

Smooth white walls and ceiling and a stylish gray floor make the study room bright and cheerful. A wall-mounted desk accompanied by open shelves allows you to work productively and organize easily.

This white and neat bathroom combines sleek designs with fashionable fixtures for a soothing and cozy environment. The functional wooden sink cabinet as well as the round mirror lend warmth and color here.

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