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A DIY guide to building your own summerhouse

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When we came across this absolutely incredible summerhouse project, we were instantly inspired to write an article about building one and we think you'll thank us, once you see the pictures! Naturally, this particular summerhouse is the work of some amazing master craftsmen, but we still think we can give you all the DIY pointers you need to build your own gorgeous garden room and illustrate our points with inspiring snapshots from this build! Don't forget that you can bring in a carpenter to help you, if you don't feel hugely confident, but don't underestimate yourself, as a simple design really won't be beyond you! Let's get acquainted with all the facts and see if you feel ready to tackle a summerhouse build for you and your family!

1. Find the right location.

Take a good, long and objective look at your garden, so you can pinpoint the exact right location for a summerhouse. It's crucial that you make this your first step, as where you decide to build will impact on the size and style of your finished summerhouse. Think about where will get the most sun and how the gorgeous vista from your home will be altered!

2. Think about what style you want.

When you have decided where you're going to put your summerhouse, it's time to start focussing on size and style. This particular design is unique, exciting and really unusual, which is why master craftsmen had to build it, but something a little simpler, such as a traditional cabin, would still be wonderful. Don't forget that you don't want to sacrifice too much garden either, so keep things proportional.

3. Choose your materials with functionality in mind.

Outdoor projects require steadfast materials, so before you start any construction, take some advice as to the best sorts of timber and foundation materials to use. You want things that will withstand awful weather and less than perfect conditions, so don't just get caught up in budget concerns.

4. Lay a solid foundation pad.

With your design finalized, it's time to start thinking about the foundation pad that you're going to lay. Naturally, you'll want a solid concrete pad that can accommodate the weight of your finished project, but you might also want to think about adding some aesthetic touches too. If you're opting for a rustic vibe, stone supports, as seen here, would be a fantastic addition!

5. Look to master craftsmen for inspiration.

There's no harm in looking to experts for some extra inspiration, when it comes to how you secure and build your summerhouse. If you want cool finishing touches and really eye-catching designs to take precedence in your project, then it won';t ever be a bad thing to ask for a little help!

6. Add some aesthetic touches.

Now comes the fun part! With your basic structure built and looking good, you can think about all those aesthetic touches that will really set it apart. Stains and paints are a simple but effective way to make more of a statement, but artistic wood carving and feature panels are a great way to go too!

7. Make sure you use it!

With your wonderful new summerhouse built, it's time to get out there and use it! If you've thought about your most common weather conditions, you will have probably created something with a roof, which means that you should be able to use and enjoy your new structure, whatever the weather! Well done you!

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Are you feeling more prepared to build a summerhouse now?
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