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Feng Shui tips for good luck and happiness

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Our lives are a constant struggle to find balance. It's not that easy to establish an equal distribution of work, play, and rest when so much is required of us on a daily basis. But as with all things in life, there's a way around this. There are certain ideologies that impart upon us the wisdom of hundreds of generations and we're talking about none other than the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. Feng Shui aims to create harmonious spaces that support health, invite prosperity, and foster happiness with the orientation of furniture and use of different colours.

According to Feng Shui, the bedroom is one of the most important places in the home. As the area where we recharge and are at our most vulnerable, it's important to establish a good flow of positive energy so that we can achieve balance in our lives and environment. Feng Shui is highly centred around the orientation of the furniture as well as the room itself, so we're going to go in-depth about which direction requires which colour. By the end of this article, you will have the know-how to create your very own fun, nourishing, pleasurable bedroom! 

1. Pure white surroundings

A residence in Shibuya sorama me Inc. Eclectic style bedroom
sorama me Inc.

A residence in Shibuya

sorama me Inc.

The North direction is ruled by earth elements and is known for bringing luck in education an in your career. It improves the clarity of thought and aids in better decision-making. For all of you students and hard-working businessmen, having a bedroom facing this direction will be incredibly beneficial. 

If your bedroom faces North, the colour for you is white. Warm and light-coloured wood is also welcome, but the main element should be that of purity. Keeping your bedding white will help tranquilly transport you into dreamland while balancing out the hectic thoughts of the day.

2. Like the ocean

Those of you who believe that health is wealth should really take this one into consideration. Our next point of orientation is in the East, and this direction goes hand-in-hand with varying shades of blue. East is the direction that governs family and health, meaning this area of your home should be strong to support your well-being. 

Blue has the calming effect of water on the soul, and such a result is perfect for easy your mentality. Having blue bedding like we see here is an easy way to get this vibe into your space, but you should also consider small decor items that will enhance the hues, such as a small tapestry or a carpet.

3. Hints of beige

A South-facing bedroom is the area that governs the name and fame aspects, so those of you that place high importance on people and titles will really benefit from this orientation. According to Feng Shui, beige is said to be a combination of the high-worth of golden and the humble nature of soil. It's connections are tied to wealth, luck, and good fortune. 

This bedroom is gorgeously decorated with beige and darker brown tones. A large mirror was fixed next to the bed, but it is said that it is not good to have a mirror facing the bed, as the mirror reflects too much energy and will keep you from sleeping peacefully. To get around this, you can hand a cloth over your mirror or simply change the position of it.

4. Soft greens

The South-East direction governs the wealth in our lives, and what other colour besides green is best associated with wealth? The yellow bedding and the teal green colour of this room are reminiscent of Spring time and encourage relaxation in terms of colour psychology. You can paint your walls in this subtle hue or bring in diverse plant life for the same effect.

5. Sweet pink

A West-facing room determines creativity and luck, so if you're an artist or need a creative imagination, you'll want to make your West wing stronger. Incorporating shades of pink into your room will get rid of bad energy and bring new inspiration into your life. West-facing rooms want to avoid coldness by using warm shades and plush textiles, so be sure to keep your space warm by laying rugs at your feet.

6. Striking yellow

Yellow is the colour of cheer and happiness–it's bright, sunny, and brings unfathomable warmth, hopefulness, and optimism. This is a colour for the North-East bedroom. 

Just looking at this sun-inspired colour will make you feel stronger and more powerful, which makes sense as Feng Shui dictates this hue to be that fosters happiness and good fortune. Incorporating yellow into a neutral white room will give you just the influence you need to turn your life in a better direction.

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