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Old School House, Glen Dye, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, Roundhouse Architecture Ltd Roundhouse Architecture Ltd Country style house
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We love contemporary style and architecture here on homify, and you will always find us seeking out the latest trends in modern design. However, we also adore historical buildings and artifacts, eager to explore ways which relics can be included and honored in our modern lives.

If you feel the same way about enthusiasm for the new and reverence for the old, then you will appreciate the project we have in view today. An old school house in Scotland had been identified as a potentially charming abode. Keeping the beautiful masonry of the structure untouched, the client sought to refurbish the interior to create a marketable home. In this manner, the noble beauty of the historic building will be retained, whilst the structure is brought to the modern realm for occupation.

Roundhouse Architecture Ltd., based in St. Cyrus, were recruited to realize this dream, and the results are nothing short of ideal. Join us now on a tour of this simultaneously traditional and modern home!

Charming welcome.

We say goodbye to this charming abode with a last look at is wistful blue door and friendly potted plants at the entrance. This picture does have a stronger affiliation of the school nature of the building in its previous life, and we can see how this is an endearing reminder of its historical function. We are sure the inhabitants of this home will have many pleasant days here!

From one charming home to the next - see what ideas you can copy from this cozy family home!

The old structure saved.

Here we have a frontal view of the old school house in question. As we can see here, the structure is comprised of beautiful large stone bricks, which is so characteristic of historic pastoral buildings on the British Isles. We can see what charm this old building holds, with its compact design and nostalgic appearance. 

The original structure had been left largely untouched on the exterior, ensuring fidelity to the first design. The architects did, however, take the liberty of including a pop of bright color on the front door and roof gutters, giving the home an eclectic touch. 

We can also imagine that the space inside the building had to be carefully navigated, seeing as it had been transformed from school hall to living quarters. Let's see how the architects went about this delicate task…

An open interior.

Now, this doesn't look bad at all! The interior of the building had been kept largely true to the school hall design, with little partitions, resulting in a loft-like design. This is a perfect layout for a couple or small family, and is undoubtedly popular in our modern times.

On the ground, we can see exquisite dark stone tiles covering the floor, which is perfectly complimented by a light timber throughout the home (more on that later!). The one-wall kitchen is open and inviting, while the spiral staircase leads up to the small loft area with ample natural light, surely utilized as bedroom space. 

Keeping with the original features.

In this image, we can see the beautiful features of the old structure—the windows in particular. These large, wooden-frame features are reminiscent of days gone past. The deep windowsill also allows space for exhibition, or even a seat for the avid reader. This is a romantic little alcove that brings in light and a traditional style. 


The clients for this project had their very own in-house carpenter to assist with all woodwork and furnishings within the home. This meant that not only could the team achieve a unique and personalized look for the interior, they could be sure that the results would be top-class and excellent quality. 

Let's look at exhibit A: the spiral staircase. This beautiful feature is an amalgam of black steel and wood, with the treads and banister formed from light, lovely timber and perfectly refined. Such craftsmanship in the home makes it feel warmer and well-defined. 

What are your thoughts on this little house?

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