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New York behind the scenes: A striking modern townhouse

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Townhouses have the dual appeal of living in the city while also retaining a strong family-based atmosphere. Who hasn't seen the city-sidewalk homes in Hollywood movies and longed for their own cosmopolitan abode? If you've just started out a young family, but your heart still longs for the bustling life of the city, a townhouse is the perfect compromise. Not to mention the elegant lifestyle it assumes!

Today, we are excited to bring you a project which showcases just such a beautiful compromise, with an inspired townhouse in the neighborhood of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. As if living in New York isn't a dream on its own, this stunning home would suit the tastes of a wide array of people in many different settings. 

Touring this beautiful townhouse with us, from front to rear, we are sure you will fall in love with the building and it's interior, just as we have. Prepare yourself for true architectural and design soul food!

Creating space.

At the back of the home, we see a true hidden treasure unfold right in front of our eyes. The rear of the townhouse had been remodeled in a way to provide a lovely outdoor space for the children to play and the family to enjoy nature. We also see tiered balconies, ensuring that every level of the home has access to outdoor relaxation and recreation. 

A classic facade with a twist.

Our first meeting with the house in Cobble Hill leaves us with undeniably positive impressions. The facade is reminiscent of a old Brownstone building, retaining the romantic connotation, but yet very much modernized. 

Sarah Jeffery's Design were the architectural firm behind this project, and they skillfully undertook a gut renovation of the house, meaning they strip the building entirely of any interior functions, leaving only a structure and starting from scratch. It seems like a very exciting project, and we are eager to see what they achieved…

Asian inspiration.

The owners of this townhouse drew much inspiration from the minimalism of Asian art and design, which we will see present throughout the home. In addition to this eclectic style, we can also see the use of rich, natural materials to augment the elegant interior style. 

In this image, be see beautiful timber cabinetry complimented by lighter wooden floors, and a stunning marble kitchen island. The kitchen is rounded off with industrial fixtures to bring in that sense of eclecticism. 

Inspired carpentry.

Wood is not relegated to the realm of the kitchen, but we can see it aesthetically employed throughout the home. Here, beautiful layers of carpentry take the spotlight in a minimalist-modern staircase that anyone would love. 

Rusticity and romance.

No we move on to the master bedroom of the home where we see a bit of a different side to the home's interior aesthetic. Here, there are still elements of the toned-down and minimalist Asian design style, but also strong elements of rusticity. This creates a warm and romantic atmosphere—just the sort of feeling you'll want in the bedroom!

The neutral colors and use of wood and stone ensure a compilation that is calming and seductive—a real relaxing haven in the midst of city life! You want to copy this style? Find more inspiration in our collection of rustic bedrooms

New perspective.

In this image, we find ourselves in the living/dining room of the house, and just by the front entrance. What is significant to note about this space is, however, the wonderful alcove created by a window extension on the facade. This creates the perfect space to position a day bed, and we can easily imagine ourselves spending hours here, reading or simply watching all the passers-by on the Brooklyn streets. 

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