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Komiks XXI, Perfect Space Perfect Space Modern Kitchen
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There is a lot of scope when designing a large house, with a variety of possibilities for the use of materials, textures, colors and lighting. Komiks XXI is one such house in Warsaw, Poland, that has been optimally designed by the interior architects at Perfect Space to showcase a beautiful blend of contemporary style, comfort and dollops of pizzazz to become an ideal residence. Let’s have a look at this modern marvel!

​Rustic warmth for the dining space.

In a creative twist, the pristine and trendy white dining space is warmed by an exposed brick wall. What a fine blend of the rustic and the modern! The white floating shelves are a practical and stylish way to decorate the wall.

​Luxurious living.

The living area is a spacious and comfortable zone with an elegant wooden floor and window frames teamed with cool white walls and a plush grey sofa. The pink coffee table and cushions match the pink glow of light above the windows while the blue backlighting on the television wall adds another splash of color. The inclusion of colors through innovative lighting is a highlight of this stylish residence.

​A pristine dining arrangement.

The all-white dining table set on a white floor looks classy and beautiful against the warmer backdrop of the living area. The hanging lights above the table add to the trendy and sophisticated ambiance of the dining area.

​A roseate hue.

 We love the use of pink to liven up the neutral white, brown and black decor! The glowing bookshelf looks striking above the ingenious slate wall.

​A splash of vibrancy in the kitchen.

The snazzy artwork on the kitchen island makes a world of difference, enlivening the neutral ambiance manifold! This accent feature is an innovative and colorful way to modernize the classy kitchen.

​Cozy and functional.

From this side, we see that wood predominates in the kitchen decor, giving it a welcoming look. The numerous cabinets and drawers with stylish chrome handles look functional and trendy.

​Warm environment in the relaxing bedroom.

The bedroom is a cozy haven made warm and comfortable by the use of wood for the floor, cupboards and window frames. The brick sections bordering the white wall add a stylish rustic touch while the glass doors add modernity and permit natural light and fresh air within.

​A white beauty.

The bathroom is a resplendent space in white and wood, with a pretty accent in the form of a pink rug. The floral pattern along the wall, stylish sanitary ware and modern appliances combine to create a refined atmosphere.

​Monochromatic splendor.

The other bathroom is a stunning contemporary affair in black, white and glass, with a unique accent in the form of a red mouth!

The creative use of colours, materials and ingenious accents makes this stylish residence by Perfect Space architects a house to remember!

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