Country home with a romantic vibe

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Country homes always have a distinct charm that defines their homey character and makes them such a sought after refuge, particularly among those battling the mundane hustle bustle of the city. And if the country dwelling bears elements that evoke a romantic feel, it is an added bonus. The homify tour of today highlights the homely accents of one such country house, that wins you over with its inviting romantic ambiance & cozy stance. Designed by BEINDER SCHREINEREI & WOHNDESIGN GmbHdesigners in Weitnau, Germany—this country home has been decked up with finesse and lots of classical elegance. Let’s go have a closer look! Country home with a romantic vibe, shall we?

Heartwarming snugness.

This country living room bears an idyllic comfy air in its classical meets modern essence. The furnishing and decor elements are replete with a rustic charm & tenderness, simultaneously embracing modernity as seen in the ceiling lights & expansive windows. The generous wooden details extend inviting warmth. Golden hues predominate; note the original wall decor pieces.

A soothing zone.

Boasting of green relief, this conservatory offers a restful space for an intimate time with the loved ones. The tranquil vibe preponderant in this comfortable little retreat rejuvenates the senses greatly.

The wooden cabinet spanning from floor to ceiling in the country living room serves the dual purpose of decor & storage, featuring the humble nature of wood. Look at that ornate lamp beside the sofa!

Wholesomeness in formal space.

The formal dining room designed in a conventional way bears traditional elements complementing the dining set that accommodates 8 persons. With plenty of illumination through natural & artificial lighting, a graceful classical fireplace flanked by wooden bookcases on both sides, vintage metal framed mirror, crockery showcase and a charming candelabra chandelier, this country style dining room makes you recall the Victorian era when dining rooms used to be formal exclusive spaces meant only for sumptuous meals.

Cook up a storm in a charming way!

This warm farmhouse-inspired kitchen is dressed in warm brown & beige tones, emanating dollops of comfort and hospitality. Complementing this look are traditional features reminiscent of old-world kitchen styles. The engaging nostalgic inspiration notwithstanding, modern style is well incorporated into the design for some features & appliances. Though garnished with aromas of antiquity and a color scheme steeped in nostalgia, this kitchen is fitted with contemporary equipment that a present day homeowner could be in need of.

The romantic interior of this classical kitchen bears appealingly designed cabinets, cozy flooring & matching curtains with floral motifs. Modern finishes, neutral colors & delicate floral design, and loads of country charm are bound to make cooking in this kitchen a pleasurable experience.

Radiantly lit hallway.

Orange glow of the warm illumination and golden details of ornate furnishing & decor enrich this country hallway with an exquisite classical atmosphere, leaving you romanticizing about the bygone era.

Aesthetic bathroom.

This luxurious bathroom is flooded with the warmth of the palette & golden lighting, to offer a lavishly comfy welcoming space. Don’t miss the wall decor!

How do your contemporary home spaces ring in that romantic ambiance?

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