15 gorgeous pools to refresh your senses!

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A house with a beautiful pool is not just a sight for sore eyes, but also very valuable when it is on sale. Even if you are stuck with a small space or modest budget, you can get a stylish and comfortable pool built by employing a bit of creativity. The pool can become a refreshing oasis for your entire family, and you might be able to host pool parties as well. So check out these 15 brilliant pool designs to gather ideas.

1. Pool with a view.

Does your house face a beautiful piece of scenery or offer a stunning view of the cityscape? Then go for an infinity pool which overlooks the scene. They are trendy and affordable as well.

2. Quirky shape.

There is no hard and fast rule that your pool has to be rectangular. Rather, for a creative look, you can design its shape to suit the measurement and shape of your yard or garden.

3. Amply secured.

Rectangular in shape, this pool mimics the shape of the yard nicely and sticks to one side of it, so that the rest of the area can be used for seating, dining and outdoor cooking. It is also well-protected on three sides, which is a good idea if you have children or pets in the house.

4. Elegant indoor pool.

Don’t fret if you don’t have enough space in the garden or yard. A bit of free indoor space can be used to accommodate a pool as well. And you can use it throughout the year too, since it will be away from the cold during winters.

5. Suited for treatment.

Not all pools are meant for fun and frolic. Specialized pools like the one shown here can be used for treating sore muscles after intense training.

6. Shallow delight.

If you are planning to build a pool to just have a relaxing and refreshing time with friends, then a shallow one is perfect for you. A depth of a meter or so is enough.

7. Accompanied by a waterfall.

This small but beautiful L-shaped pool with wooden decking is all the more attractive due to the artificial waterfall. The cascading water is perfect for relieving your tension or stress. Credit for this creation goes to the builders of pools and spas at Piscinas Scualo.

8. Just for cooling off.

If all you need is a refreshing and cool oasis during summers, then a small pool is sufficient. Leave ample space around it for sunbathing.

9. With beautiful lights.

A pool can feel heavenly on hot summer nights. But do remember to install pretty and sufficient lights in and around it. It will jazz up your yard as well.

10. Fun for the entire family.

This pool is a charming and functional affair suited to the dimensions of the yard. And it is perfect for the whole family to have a great time and supervise the little ones.

11. Glorious reflection.

A large pool near the facade of your house can reflect the building, the sun and any trees in the vicinity for a unique mirror effect.

12. Safe from rain.

An open pool on the terrace or in the garden is exposed to the rain or stormy weather. So it is a good idea to introduce a stylish pergola like the one shown here, for protection.

13. Magical lighting.

Once again, the importance of using beautiful and practical lights in and around the pool has been emphasized through this image. Lights can dramatically transform the structure of the pool, its surroundings and your garden.

14. Simple but sophisticated.

A simple pool which complements the garden nicely can give you great results. Pair it with some warm wooden decking, stylish recliners for sunbathing or reading and lush potted greens.

15. Beauty of ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles in reddish tones lend a rustic and Mediterranean look to the floor around the pool. You can also use colorful mosaic tiles for a lively look.

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