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Change the way you eat: ideas for different meals!

Leigh Leigh
by Joan Rojeski Studio
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Food and what we put into our bodies has never been on the agenda as much as it is today. People are questioning and reflecting on their eating habits. Meat, fish, with or without gluten, with or without lactose—everything is currently being questioned!

Here on homify, we believe that it's not simply about personal choice or preference. What we put in our body is very important for a variety of other reasons! Food is important to our health and longevity. In a world that is seeing rising obesity levels and other health problems that are directly impacted by our diet, we need to start looking at what we are eating. Our daily eating habits should also change to more natural and healthy ones.

This is why today we have put together quite an unusual but very relevant article. We will share with you different meal choices, which will are very healthy and inspiring!

Let's take a look…

1. Everything starts in our kitchen

From the type of cooking environment you have to the products that you choose to cook and prepare, your kitchen should be a wholesome and natural environment.

Choose to stock it with foods that are healthy and rich in vitamins. Get rid of foods that are high in saturated fats. Throw out all of the sugary products.

2. Choose fruit instead of cookies

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Strigo GmbH


Strigo GmbH

Fruits are much healthier than bars of chocolate, packets of crackers or other types of cakes. The variety of colours, shapes, tastes are also so good for the taste buds!

Instead of placing a packet of biscuits in your bag, put an apple, orange or banana in it. You'll have a delicious snack to munch on!

You can also cut up different types of fruit and put them in a cooler box for work.

3. Sandwiches can be healthy

A sandwich can make for a very health meal as long as you put all of the right ingredients into it. Opt for vegetables as well as dark bread. 

This is a quick meal that's much healthier than a burger or croissant.

4. Bring a lunch bag to work

Taking lunch from home to work is nothing to be ashamed about, in fact quite the contrary. Nowadays, preparing your meals at home and taking them to work is very much in vogue. It also means we can prepare for the day ahead with delicious and healthy food. We won't be reaching for those unhealthy snacks at the vending machine!

Prepare a delicious and healthy lunch in advance. Don't forget to add a piece of fruit!

Don't you love these stylish and colourful lunch boxes by professionals ABingPlus?

5. Salads and greens give you health and make you grow

Do you eat vegetables every day? 

If not, you should invest in more greens in your diet. Be it salads, soups, stews, sauteed or grilled—vegetables should make their way into every meal.

6. Grilling is healthier

scandinavian  by Heritage Morso, Scandinavian
Heritage Morso

Morsø Forno Deluxe Plus Package

Heritage Morso

Grilled food can be very healthy and very tasty. What's more is that you can grill vegetables, meat, fish and even fruit!

This is a great opportunity to fire up that braai more often and spend some time outdoors in the garden or on the terrace with your family.

7. Create fun dishes

There are so many modern and funky accessories and utensils on the market at the moment that really allow you to get creative with the dishes that you cook. Make cooking fun for the kids too and they will start eating healthier in no time.

8. Exchange white bread for dark bread or cereal

The less processed, the better it is for you.

9. Saute the vegetables

Sautéing the vegetables can be a healthier alternative to boiling the vegetables. Cook them on a low heat with a drop of olive oil, a splash of garlic and some salt and pepper. They'll taste delicious!

10. Create fun snacks for the kids

Not all children like to eat fruit, but if you make it fun and exciting they must change their mind. Create a fondue of yoghurt or healthy dark chocolate for the kids to dip their fruit into.

11. Exchange carbonated drinks for water with fruit

Carbonated beverages and other artificial juices are harmful to our health. Opt for water or natural juices. 

For flavoured water, simply add a few lemon slices or cucumber pieces to your water. They'll look stylish and refreshing too!

12. Inspire yourself

On days when you lack inspiration, start navigating the world of the internet, which is full of ideas for healthy recipes. You can also buy some cookbooks if you prefer the more traditional method of cooking.

Get inspired to live a more healthy life!

Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are. Brillat-Savarin

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